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RawProOpen97Abigail GrichSQUAT22010/21/2017
RawProOpen97Abigail GrichBENCH11010/21/2017
RawProOpen 97Abigail GrichDEADLIFT22010/21/2017
RawProOpen97Abigail GrichTOTAL55010/21/2017
RawProOpen123Blake TobinSQUAT32010/21/2017
RawProOpen123Blake TobinBENCH18510/21/2017
RawProOpen123Blake TobinDEADLIFT34510/21/2017
RawProOpen123Blake TobinTOTAL85010/21/2017
RawProOpen 165 Pamela Bosko SQUAT 300 7/23/2007
RawProOpen 165 Pamela Bosko BENCH 180 7/23/2007
RawProOpen 165 Pamela Bosko DEADLIFT 350 7/23/2007
RawProOpen 165 Pamela Bosko TOTAL 830 7/23/2007