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OpenKristin Wykoff SQUAT 501.5 4/29/2017
OpenErin O'Connor Murphy BENCH 290 11/19/2016
OpenKristin Wykoff DEADLIFT 480 7/16/2016
OpenKristin Wykoff TOTAL 1185 4/29/2017
SubmasterJen SumrallSQUAT26011/19/2016
SubmasterJen SumrallBENCH13511/19/2016
SubmasterJen SumrallDEADLIFT31511/19/2016
SubmasterJen SumrallTOTAL71011/19/2016
Master 45-49SQUAT
Master 45-49Svetlana Kabaeva BENCH209.5 10/1/2011
Master 45-49DEADLIFT
Master 45-49TOTAL