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OpenJennine Whittaker SQUAT 550 10/24/2015
OpenJennine Whittaker BENCH 285 10/24/2015
OpenJennine Whittaker DEADLIFT 550 10/24/2015
OpenJennine Whittaker TOTAL 1385 10/24/2015
JuniorTarra Oravec SQUAT300 6/22/2013
JuniorTarra Oravec BENCH185 6/22/2013
JuniorTarra Oravec DEADLIFT410 6/22/2013
JuniorTarra Oravec TOTAL895 6/22/2013
Teen 14-15SQUAT
Teen 14-15Alina Denisova BENCH88.2 5/29/2012
Teen 14-15DEADLIFT
Teen 14-15TOTAL
SubmasterElena Povolotskaya SQUAT375.4 5/3/2011
SubmasterElena Povolotskaya BENCH220.8 5/3/2011
SubmasterElena Povolotskaya DEADLIFT469.2 5/3/2011
SubmasterElena Povolotskaya TOTAL1065.4 5/3/2011
Master 40-44Jennifer Key-PayneSQUAT4553/5/2016
Master 40-44Jennifer Key-PayneBENCH2203/5/2016
Master 40-44Jennifer Key-PayneDEADLIFT4503/5/2016
Master 40-44Jennifer Key-PayneTOTAL11253/5/2016
Master 45-49SQUAT
Master 45-49Deniz Odar BENCH270 5/21/2011
Master 45-49Deniz Odar DEADLIFT370 1/29/2011
Master 45-49Deniz Odar TOTAL635 1/29/2011
Master 55-59SQUAT
Master 55-59Bonnie Graube BENCH240 11/17/2012
Master 55-59DEADLIFT
Master 55-59TOTAL