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OpenStephanie Diaz SQUAT 465 7/23/2016
OpenIrina Petrovich BENCH 258.5 5/26/2010
OpenJessica Zang DEADLIFT 450 6/25/2016
OpenStephanie Diaz TOTAL 1105 7/23/2016
Teen (18-19)Heather AshworthSQUAT37510/7/2017
Teen (18-19)Heather AshworthBENCH24510/7/2017
Teen (18-19)Heather AshworthDEADLIFT43010/7/2017
Teen (18-19)Heather AshworthTOTAL105010/7/2017
JuniorGrace Ryba SQUAT345 6/21/2014
JuniorGrace Ryba BENCH200 6/21/2014
JuniorGrace Ryba DEADLIFT415 6/21/2014
JuniorGrace Ryba TOTAL960 6/21/2014
SubmasterTerese Janc SQUAT370 4/6/2013
SubmasterSara Masters BENCH220 3/11/2017
SubmasterTerese Janc DEADLIFT440 4/6/2013
SubmasterPamela Bosko TOTAL830 7/24/2010
Master 40-44Jennifer Payne SQUAT325 4/6/2013
Master 40-44Jennifer Payne BENCH185 4/6/2013
Master 40-44Jennifer Payne DEADLIFT300 4/6/2013
Master 40-44Jennifer Payne TOTAL810 4/6/2013
Master 45-49Leanne Neville SQUAT350 3/7/2015
Master 45-49Leanne Neville BENCH215 3/7/2015
Master 45-49Leanne Neville DEADLIFT375 3/7/2015
Master 45-49Leanne Neville TOTAL940 3/7/2015