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OpenMelissa Demetriou SQUAT 355 12/5/2015
OpenTetiana Kalugina BENCH 220 10/22/2009
OpenMelissa Demetriou DEADLIFT 370 12/5/2015
OpenMelissa Demetriou TOTAL 935 12/5/2015
JuniorBrooke HunterSQUAT24511/19/2016
JuniorBrooke Hunter BENCH135 11/19/2016
JuniorBrooke HunterDEADLIFT29511/19/2016
JuniorBrooke HunterTOTAL67511/19/2016
SubmasterAllyson SmithSQUAT242.54/29/2017
SubmasterAllyson SmithBENCH170.94/29/2017
SubmasterAllyson SmithDEADLIFT3534/9/2016
SubmasterAllyson SmithTOTAL760.64/29/2017
Master 40-44SQUAT
Master 40-44Lisa Stephanie BENCH100 4/26/2014
Master 40-44DEADLIFT
Master 40-44TOTAL
Master 45-49Janet Faraone SQUAT305 4/26/2014
Master 45-49Janet Faraone BENCH210 4/26/2014
Master 45-49Janet Faraone DEADLIFT345 4/26/2014
Master 45-49Janet Faraone TOTAL860 4/26/2014
Master 60-64Ellen Stein SQUAT360 6/22/2013
Master 60-64Ellen Stein BENCH180 6/22/2013
Master 60-64Ellen Stein DEADLIFT390 6/22/2013
Master 60-64Ellen Stein TOTAL930 6/22/2013