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OpenCasandra Blackman SQUAT 500 6/17/2017
OpenJessica Read BENCH 265 11/17/2012
OpenAshley Hale DEADLIFT 445 10/24/2015
OpenCasandra Blackman TOTAL 1100 6/17/2017
JuniorChristina Gosselin SQUAT320 6/20/2015
JuniorChristina Gosselin BENCH145 6/20/2015
JuniorChristina Gosselin DEADLIFT335 6/20/2015
JuniorChristina Gosselin TOTAL800 6/20/2015
Teen 14-15Jessica SmithBENCH1204/16/2016
Teen 14-15Jessica SmithDEADLIFT3404/16/2016
Teen 14-15Jessica SmithTOTAL4604/16/2016
Teen 16-17Lindsay FieldSQUAT3303/4/2017
Teen 16-17Lindsay FieldBENCH1153/4/2017
Teen 16-17Lindsay FieldDEADLIFT4003/4/2017
Teen 16-17Lindsay FieldTOTAL8453/4/2017
Teen 18-19Koryn Padilla SQUAT255 12/6/2014
Teen 18-19Koryn Padilla BENCH140 12/6/2014
Teen 18-19Koryn Padilla DEADLIFT315 12/6/2014
Teen 18-19Koryn Padilla TOTAL710 12/6/2014
SubmasterTonya Stoffgregen SQUAT315 6/21/2014
SubmasterJessica Read BENCH265 11/17/2012
SubmasterLesley Mulcahy DEADLIFT352.7 4/30/2017
SubmasterTonya Stoffgregen TOTAL800 6/21/2014
Master 40-44Dawn Van Den HeuvelSQUAT308.64/30/2017
Master 40-44Dawn Van Den HeuvelBENCH181.910/29/2016
Master 40-44Dawn Van Den HeuvelDEADLIFT352.710/29/2016
Master 40-44Dawn Van Den HeuvelTOTAL826.710/29/2016
Master 45-49Sue Knause SQUAT245 12/13/2014
Master 45-49Svetlana Kabaeva BENCH198.5 9/28/2011
Master 45-49Beverly Cullen DEADLIFT405 11/19/2004
Master 45-49Sue Knause TOTAL710 12/13/2014
Master 50-54Laurie Ellis SQUAT225 4/26/2014
Master 50-54Laurie Ellis BENCH130 4/26/2014
Master 50-54Laurie Ellis DEADLIFT250 4/26/2014
Master 50-54Laurie Ellis TOTAL605 4/26/2014
Master 55-59Mary Damon SQUAT13510/3/2015
Master 55-59Mary Damon BENCH125 10/3/2015
Master 55-59Mary Damon DEADLIFT290 10/15/2016
Master 55-59Mary Damon TOTAL545 10/3/2015
Master 60-64SQUAT
Master 60-64BENCH
Master 60-64Mary NaumanDEADLIFT245 3/2/2013
Master 60-64TOTAL