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OpenCass Blackman SQUAT 390 11/7/2015
OpenNicole Miller BENCH 260 11/20/2010
OpenBrittney Sinker DEADLIFT 405 3/14/2015
OpenNicole Miller TOTAL 1005 11/20/2010
JuniorCass BlackmanSQUAT39011/7/2015
JuniorCass BlackmanBENCH16511/7/2015
JuniorCass BlackmanDEADLIFT40511/7/2015
JuniorCass BlackmanTOTAL96011/7/2015
Teen 14-15Sara Tataglone SQUAT250 2/13/2010
Teen 14-15Sara Tataglone BENCH145 2/13/2010
Teen 14-15Sara Tataglone DEADLIFT320 2/13/2010
Teen 14-15Sara Tataglone TOTAL715 2/13/2010
Teen 16-17Kerri Fino SQUAT335 8/13/2016
Teen 16-17Kerri FinoBENCH1408/13/2016
Teen 16-17Jessica Smith DEADLIFT350 10/16/2016
Teen 16-17Kerri Fino TOTAL800 8/13/2016
Teen 18-19SQUAT
Teen 18-19Sarah Mitchell BENCH140 8/2/2014
Teen 18-19Sarah Mitchell DEADLIFT280 8/2/2014
Teen 18-19Sarah Mitchell TOTAL420 8/2/2014
SubmasterAmy Ladas SQUAT210 3/2/2013
SubmasterStacee Maushart BENCH150 8/12/2017
SubmasterAmy Ladas DEADLIFT340 3/2/2013
SubmasterStacee Maushart TOTAL675 8/12/2017
Master 40-44Irina Pedoryaka SQUAT220 5/26/2010
Master 40-44Bonnie Penn BENCH150 5/2/2009
Master 40-44Irina Pedoryaka DEADLIFT275 5/26/2010
Master 40-44Irina Pedoryaka TOTAL611 5/26/2010
Master 45-49Kelly MontagnaSQUAT18510/21/2017
Master 45-49Christine Reimold BENCH160 11/21/2009
Master 45-49Michelle RobertDEADLIFT2504/16/2016
Master 45-49Kelly MontagnaTOTAL53510/21/2017
Master 50-54SQUAT
Master 50-54Gail Sizer BENCH205 7/14/2014
Master 50-54DEADLIFT
Master 50-54TOTAL
Master 55-59Mary DamonBENCH1204/16/2016
Master 55-59Mary DamonDEADLIFT2854/16/2016
Master 55-59Mary DamonTOTAL4054/16/2016
Master 60-64Mary DamonSQUAT16010/21/2017
Master 60-64Mary DamonBENCH11010/21/2017
Master 60-64Mary DamonDEADLIFT27510/212017
Master 60-64Mary DamonTOTAL54510/21/2017