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OpenOgeche Akalegbere SQUAT 420 6/25/2016
OpenOgeche Akalegbere BENCH 315 6/25/2016
OpenAnna McCloskey DEADLIFT 410 11/21/2009
OpenOgeche Akalegbere TOTAL 1025 6/25/2016
JuniorSamantha CanteroSQUAT3256/17/2017
JuniorSamantha CanteroBENCH1556/17/2017
JuniorSamantha CanteroDEADLIFT3556/17/2017
JuniorSamantha CanteroTOTAL8356/17/2017
Teen 14-15Harley Kohler SQUAT200 4/26/2014
Teen 14-15Harley Kohler BENCH100 4/26/2014
Teen 14-15Harley Kohler DEADLIFT285 4/26/2014
Teen 14-15Harley Kohler TOTAL585 4/26/2014
Teen 16-17Anna McCloskey SQUAT340 11/21/2009
Teen 16-17Anna McCloskey BENCH185 11/21/2009
Teen 16-17Anna McCloskey DEADLIFT410 11/21/2009
Teen 16-17Anna McCloskey TOTAL935 11/21/2009
Teen 18-19Koryn Padilla SQUAT260 3/7/2015
Teen 18-19Koryn Padilla BENCH135 3/7/2015
Teen 18-19Koryn Padilla DEADLIFT320 3/7/2015
Teen 18-19Koryn Padilla TOTAL715 3/7/2015
SubmasterJessica Maloy SQUAT370 3/5/2016
SubmasterJessica Maloy BENCH160 3/5/2016
SubmasterJessica Maloy DEADLIFT375 3/5/2016
SubmasterJessica Maloy TOTAL905 3/5/2016
Master 40-44Amiee Tracy SQUAT275 4/29/2017
Master 40-44Irina Vaselova BENCH187.5 11/6/2010
Master 40-44Amiee Tracy DEADLIFT350 4/29/2017
Master 40-44Amiee Tracy TOTAL790 4/29/2017
Master 45-49Terri Livengood SQUAT250 8/20/2016
Master 45-49Larisa Semenova BENCH176.4 9/28/2011
Master 45-49Terri Livengood DEADLIFT300 8/20/2016
Master 45-49Terri Livengood TOTAL680 8/20/2016
Master 50-54Natalia Tsukanova SQUAT265 10/22/2009
Master 50-54Natalia Tsukanova BENCH205 10/22/2009
Master 50-54Natalia Tsukanova DEADLIFT355 10/22/2009
Master 50-54Natalia Tsukanova TOTAL820 10/22/2009
Master 55-59Lin McNeill SQUAT135 11/21/2009
Master 55-59Lin McNeill BENCH90 2/6/2010
Master 55-59Cathy Bishop DEADLIFT250 3/19/2016
Master 55-59Lin McNeill TOTAL430 11/21/2009
Master 60-64Carol ClarkeSQUAT1759/16/2017
Master 60-64Carol ClarkeBENCH1303/4/2017
Master 60-64Carol ClarkeDEADLIFT2509/16/2017
Master 60-64Carol ClarkeTOTAL5509/16/2017