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OpenErin Kelly SQUAT 385 3/4/2017
OpenCasey Garland BENCH 215 3/4/2017
OpenErin Kelly DEADLIFT 480 3/4/2017
OpenErin Kelly TOTAL 1045 3/4/2017
JuniorArden Mickelson SQUAT300 5/21/2011
JuniorArden Mickelson BENCH185 5/21/2011
JuniorCaitlyn Olsen DEADLIFT305 4/16/2016
JuniorArden Mickelson TOTAL775 5/21/2011
Up to 13Sierra SilerSQUAT2308/12/2017
Up to 13Sierra SilerBENCH1308/12/2017
Up to 13Sierra SilerDEADLIFT2908/12/2017
Up to 13Sierra SilerTOTAL6508/12/2017
Teen 14-15Allison Broadhurst SQUAT240 3/5/2016
Teen 14-15Sierra Siler BENCH145 10/28/2017
Teen 14-15Sierra Siler DEADLIFT320 10/28/2017
Teen 14-15Allison Broadhurst TOTAL600 2/28/2015
Teen 16-17Cecilia Martinez SQUAT225 4/26/2014
Teen 16-17Cecilia Martinez BENCH110 4/26/2014
Teen 16-17Isabella Steed DEADLIFT270 11/7/2015
Teen 16-17Cecilia Martinez TOTAL585 4/26/2014
Teen 18-19Heather Ashworth SQUAT315 7/16/2016
Teen 18-19Heather Ashworth BENCH210 7/16/2016
Teen 18-19Heather Ashworth DEADLIFT400 7/16/2016
Teen 18-19Heather Ashworth TOTAL925 7/16/2016
SubmasterKristy Touchinsky SQUAT285 3/5/2016
SubmasterChristina Schwarz BENCH165 6/17/2017
SubmasterBobbejo Kohler DEADLIFT355 11/19/2016
SubmasterBobbejo Kohler TOTAL785 11/19/2016
Master 40-44Kathy Gasparini SQUAT200 3/7/2015
Master 40-44Christina Schwarz BENCH155 11/18/2017
Master 40-44Celeste Jones DEADLIFT270 11/14/2015
Master 40-44Kathy Gasparini TOTAL565 3/7/2015
Master 45-49Wendy Tracey SQUAT260 7/14/2014
Master 45-49Maura Gaudiosi BENCH170 9/22/2012
Master 45-49Jan Swarthout DEADLIFT335 6/28/2008
Master 45-49Wendy Tracey TOTAL710 7/14/2014
Master 50-54Marlene Cosner SQUAT240 7/14/2014
Master 50-54Marlene Cosner BENCH150 6/22/2013
Master 50-54Svetlana Sheremenko DEADLIFT292.5 5/26/2010
Master 50-54Svetlana Sheremenko TOTAL655.5 5/26/2010
Master 55-59Barbara BeaudinSQUAT19512/9/2017
Master 55-59Barbara BeaudinBENCH12010/28/2017
Master 55-59Barbara BeaudinDEADLIFT28010/28/2017
Master 55-59Barbara BeaudinTOTAL57512/9/2017
Master 75-79SQUAT
Master 75-79Galina Tsverova BENCH104.9 5/3/2011
Master 75-79DEADLIFT
Master 75-79TOTAL
Master 80+SQUAT
Master 80+Galina Tsverova BENCH110.3 5/29/2012
Master 80+DEADLIFT
Master 80+TOTAL