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OpenNicole Rinaldi SQUAT 325 12/5/2015
OpenMichelle Borzok BENCH 260 3/22/2008
OpenSuzanne LaForge DEADLIFT 405 11/15/2014
OpenNicole Rinaldi TOTAL 930 12/5/2015
JuniorLauren Martin SQUAT285 3/11/2017
JuniorAshley McMahon BENCH170 1/9/2016
JuniorMeaghan Colleran DEADLIFT345 6/20/2015
JuniorLauren Martin TOTAL750 3/11/2017
Up to 13SQUAT
Up to 13Regan AsplandBENCH853/19/2016
Up to 13Regan AsplandDEADLIFT2153/19/2016
Up to 13Regan AsplandTOTAL3003/19/2016
Teen 14-15Allison DgienSQUAT1703/5/2016
Teen 14-15Allison DgienBENCH1203/5/2016
Teen 14-15Allison DgienDEADLIFT2103/5/2016
Teen 14-15Allison DgienTOTAL5003/5/2016
Teen 16-17Mehriban Aslanova SQUAT99.2 3/12/2011
Teen 16-17Yuliya Ponomareva BENCH99.2 9/28/2011
Teen 16-17Mehriban Aslanova DEADLIFT154.3 3/12/2011
Teen 16-17Mehriban Aslanova TOTAL308.6 3/12/2011
Teen 18-19Kirstyn McLoughlin SQUAT275 12/9/2017
Teen 18-19Kirstyn McLoughlin BENCH140 12/9/2017
Teen 18-19Kirstyn McLoughlin DEADLIFT320 12/9/2017
Teen 18-19Kirstyn McLoughlin TOTAL735 12/9/2017
SubmasterLeanne Neville SQUAT340 5/18/2014
SubmasterLeanne Neville BENCH180 5/18/2014
SubmasterLeanne Neville DEADLIFT350 5/18/2014
SubmasterLeanne Neville TOTAL870 5/18/2014
Master 40-44Janice Santiago SQUAT2707/23/2016
Master 40-44Sharon Zaubi BENCH165 9/21/2013
Master 40-44Ruth Souders DEADLIFT310 7/10/2004
Master 40-44Ruth Souders TOTAL700 7/10/2004
Master 45-49Trinh Inzerillo SQUAT247.5 11/19/2016
Master 45-49Trinh Inzerillo BENCH142.5 3/5/2016
Master 45-49Jan Swarthout DEADLIFT330 11/21/2009
Master 45-49Jan Swarthout TOTAL685 11/21/2009
Master 50-54Suzanne LaForge SQUAT322.5 11/15/2014
Master 50-54Suzanne LaForge BENCH165 11/15/2014
Master 50-54Suzanne LaForge DEADLIFT405 11/15/2014
Master 50-54Suzanne LaForge TOTAL892.5 11/15/2014
Master 60-64SQUAT
Master 60-64Renata Weissberg BENCH85 4/25/2015
Master 60-64Renata Weissberg DEADLIFT175 4/25/2015
Master 60-64Renata Weissberg TOTAL260 4/25/2015
Master 75-79Jean Ryersbach SQUAT105 7/11/2015
Master 75-79Jean Ryersbach BENCH80 7/11/2015
Master 75-79Jean Ryersbach DEADLIFT185 7/11/2015
Master 75-79Jean Ryersbach TOTAL370 7/11/2015