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OpenMarissa Nallie SQUAT 355 10/4/2014
OpenMelissa Demetriou BENCH 195 4/11/2015
OpenErin Kyle DEADLIFT 375 3/5/2016
OpenMarissa Nallie TOTAL 910 10/4/2014
JuniorNicole Touchinsky SQUAT285 3/5/2016
JuniorAshley McMahon BENCH160 6/20/2015
JuniorDaria Babkina DEADLIFT425 10/22/2009
JuniorDaria Babkina TOTAL757 10/22/2009
Teen 14-15 Marcella CashSQUAT2206/25/2016
Teen 14-15Autumn Bradley BENCH160 9/19/2015
Teen 14-15Marcella Cash DEADLIFT300 6/25/2016
Teen 14-15Marcella Cash TOTAL625 6/25/2016
Teen 16-17Autumn BradleySQUAT2106/17/2017
Teen 16-17Autumn BradleyBENCH1856/17/2017
Teen 16-17Melody BrydenDEADLIFT2604/16/2016
Teen 16-17Autumn BradleyTOTAL6256/17/2017
Teen 18-19Yessica Martinez SQUAT250 10/24/2010
Teen 18-19Autumn Bradley BENCH170 11/18/17
Teen 18-19Phyllis Rose DEADLIFT255 3/4/2017
Teen 18-19Phyllis Rose TOTAL585 3/4/2017
SubmasterAmanda NeidlingerSQUAT3203/25/2017
SubmasterAmanda NeidlingerBENCH1553/25/2017
SubmasterZahra TeesDEADLIFT3603/25/2017
SubmasterAmanda NeidlingerTOTAK8753/25/2017
Master 40-44Janice Santiago SQUAT315 3/25/2017
Master 40-44Victoria Lodise BENCH175 12/6/2014
Master 40-44Kristina Evon DEADLIFT360 12/6/2014
Master 40-44Janice Santiago TOTAL760 3/25/2017
Master 45-49Greta Wagner SQUAT18511/18/2017
Master 45-49Bobbi AustinBENCH12011/18/2017
Master 45-49Janel BeardDEADLIFT2653/18/2017
Master 45-49Greta WagnerTOTAL49011/18/2017
Master 50-54Ellen Stein SQUAT295 1/20/2008
Master 50-54Ellen Stein BENCH140 1/20/2008
Master 50-54Ellen Stein DEADLIFT350 1/20/2008
Master 50-54Ellen Stein TOTAL785 1/20/2008
Master 55-59Janet Tomko SQUAT130 2/28/2015
Master 55-59Janet Tomko BENCH110 2/28/2015
Master 55-59Janet Tomko DEADLIFT175 2/28/2015
Master 55-59Janet Tomko TOTAL415 2/28/2015
Master 65-69Helen White SQUAT155 1/29/2011
Master 65-69Helen White BENCH125 1/29/2011
Master 65-69Helen White DEADLIFT190 1/29/2011
Master 65-69Helen White TOTAL470 1/29/2011