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OpenLauren Giacovas SQUAT 315 3/5/2016
OpenMelissa Demetriou BENCH 175 12/6/2014
OpenMelissa Barber DEADLIFT 420 6/25/2016
OpenMelissa Barber TOTAL 870 6/25/2016
JuniorLauren Giacovas SQUAT285 10/24/2015
JuniorLauren Giacovas BENCH160 6/20/2015
JuniorLauren Giacovas DEADLIFT350 6/20/2015
JuniorLauren Giacovas TOTAL775 6/20/2015
Teen 16-17 Jerilyn Stevens SQUAT250 1/9/2016
Teen 16-17 Jerilyn Stevens BENCH135 1/9/2016
Teen 16-17Jerilyn Stevens DEADLIFT275 1/9/2016
Teen 16-17Jerilyn Stevens TOTAL660 1/9/2016
Teen 18-19Kerri Keegan SQUAT245 4/26/2014
Teen 18-19Kerri Keegan BENCH158 4/26/2014
Teen 18-19Kerri Keegan DEADLIFT270 4/26/2014
Teen 18-19Kerri Keegan TOTAL667.5 4/26/2014
SubmasterMandy Escott SQUAT240 3/14/2015
SubmasterMandy Escott BENCH130 3/14/2015
SubmasterMandy Escott DEADLIFT260 3/14/2015
SubmasterMandy Escott TOTAL630 3/14/2015
Master 40-44Lori Marchioni SQUAT190 6/20/2015
Master 40-44Bobbi Austin BENCH117.5 6/17/2017
Master 40-44Lori Marchioni DEADLIFT265 6/20/2015
Master 40-44Lori Marchioni TOTAL560 6/20/2015
Master 45-49Pauline Gauthier SQUAT250 3/19/2016
Master 45-49Lisa Demetriou BENCH135 11/9/2013
Master 45-49Pauline Gauthier DEADLIFT285 3/19/2016
Master 45-49Pauline Gauthier TOTAL635 3/19/2016
Master 50-54Kristy Kraynak SQUAT220 12/13/2014
Master 50-54Lori Stiegler BENCH135 7/24/2010
Master 50-54Kristy Kraynak DEADLIFT255 12/13/2014
Master 50-54Kristy Kraynak TOTAL595 12/13/2014
Master 55-59Sally McGuirk SQUAT180 8/13/2016
Master 55-59Janice Woerner BENCH115 12/5/2015
Master 55-59Sally McGuirk DEADLIFT250 8/13/2016
Master 55-59Sally McGuirk TOTAL540 12/5/2015
Master 65-69Mary DuffySQUAT17510/16/2016
Master 65-69Mary Duffy BENCH130 3/18/2017
Master 65-69Mary Duffy DEADLIFT255 4/16/2016
Master 65-69Mary Duffy TOTAL535 10/16/2016
Master 70-74Carla CohenSQUAT853/4/2017
Master 70-74Carla CohenBENCH603/4/2017
Master 70-74Carla CohenDEADLIFT1353/4/2017
Master 70-74Carla CohenTOTAL2803/4/2017