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OpenKatelyn Huller SQUAT 275 7/8/2017
OpenSvetlana Klepikova BENCH 155.7 5/3/2011
OpenKatelyn Huller DEADLIFT 315 7/8/2017
OpenKatelyn Huller TOTAL 745 7/8/2017
JuniorKatelyn Huller SQUAT275 7/8/2017
JuniorSvetlana Klepikova BENCH155.7 5/3/2011
JuniorKatelyn Huller DEADLIFT315 7/8/2017
JuniorKatelyn Huller TOTAL745 7/8/2017
Teen 14-15Summer Duba SQUAT155 10/7/2017
Teen 14-15Summer Duba BENCH115 10/7/2017
Teen 14-15Summer Duba DEADLIFT230 10/7/2017
Teen 14-15Summer Duba TOTAL500 10/7/2017
Teen 16-17Shannon LangSQUAT2053/4/2017
Teen 16-17Shannon Lang BENCH115 3/4/2017
Teen 16-17Shannon LangDEADLIFT205 3/4/2017
Teen 16-17Shannon LangTOTAL5253/4/2017
Teen 18-19Lauren Kehoe SQUAT155 3/2/2013
Teen 18-19Almog Dayan BENCH135 6/23/2007
Teen 18-19Lauren Kehoe DEADLIFT230 3/2/2013
Teen 18-19Lauren Kehoe TOTAL485 3/2/2013
SubmasterKarla Portillo SQUAT230 6/25/2016
SubmasterKarla Portillo BENCH145 6/25/2016
SubmasterKristina Martemucci DEADLIFT275 4/26/2014
SubmasterKarla Portillo TOTAL625 6/25/2016
Master 40-44SQUAT
Master 40-44Victoria Lodise BENCH140 1/25/2014
Master 40-44Victoria Lodise DEADLIFT200 1/25/2014
Master 40-44Victoria Lodise TOTAL340 1/25/2014
Master 45-49Karin Baklik SQUAT175 2/6/2016
Master 45-49Christine Wood BENCH120 12/6/2014
Master 45-49Christine Wood DEADLIFT300 12/6/2014
Master 45-49Christine Wood TOTAL590 12/6/2014
Master 50-54Elizabeth Grundy SQUAT245 12/6/2014
Master 50-54Elizabeth Grundy BENCH120 12/6/2014
Master 50-54Elizabeth Grundy DEADLIFT240 12/6/2014
Master 50-54Elizabeth Grundy TOTAL615 12/6/2014
Master 55-59Debora CarvalcoSQUAT10010/3/2015
Master 55-59Debora CarvalcoBENCH8510/3/2015
Master 55-59Debora Carvalko DEADLIFT240 10/3/2015
Master 55-59Debora CarvalkoTOTAL42510/3/2015
Master 60-64Vivian Read SQUAT170 7/15/2017
Master 60-64Cheryl Keeling BENCH90 4/11/2015
Master 60-64Vivian Read DEADLIFT280 3/25/2017
Master 60-64Vivian Read TOTAL520 7/15/2017
Master 65-69Vivian ReadDEADLIFT28511/18/2017