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OpenAbigail Grich SQUAT 195 10/15.2016
OpenAbigail Grich BENCH 110 10/15/2016
OpenFlair Sands DEADLIFT 265 11/7/2015
OpenAbigail Grich TOTAL 545 10/15/2016
JuniorAbigail GrichSQUAT15010/3/2015
JuniorAbigail Grich BENCH95 10/3/2015
JuniorAbigail GrichDEADLIFT20010/3/2015
JuniorAbigail GrichTOTAL44510/3/2015
Teen 14-15Summer Duba SQUAT88.2 7/18/2015
Teen 14-15Marianna Naumova BENCH134.5 2/10/2011
Teen 14-15Elizabeth Monk DEADLIFT200 10/18/2008
Teen 14-15Summer Duba TOTAL319.7 7/18/2015
Teen 16-17Tatiana Redko SQUAT187 5/26/2010
Teen 16-17Tatiana Redko BENCH88 5/26/2010
Teen 16-17Tatiana Redko DEADLIFT165 5/26/2010
Teen 16-17Tatiana Redko TOTAL440 5/26/2010