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OpenAnna McCloskey SQUAT 575 1/20/2008
OpenAngela Martinez BENCH 311.1 11/19/2004
OpenAngela Martinez DEADLIFT 500 11/19/2004
OpenAngela Martinez TOTAL 1331 11/19/2004
Teen 14-15Shannon Pole-Summers SQUAT360 6/26/1998
Teen 14-15Shannon Pole-Summers BENCH205 6/26/1998
Teen 14-15Anna McCloskey DEADLIFT405 12/9/2006
Teen 14-15Anna McCloskey TOTAL1050 12/9/2006
Teen 16-17Abby Mass SQUAT375 3/14/2015
Teen 16-17Abby Mass BENCH185 3/14/2015
Teen 16-17Abby Mass DEADLIFT275 3/14/2015
Teen 16-17Abby Mass TOTAL835 3/14/2015
Teen 18-19Oxana Udovenko SQUAT308.7 10/2/2011
Teen 18-19Nikita Rezitsky BENCH363.8 9/29/2011
Teen 18-19Oxana Udovenko DEADLIFT330.8 10/2/2011
Teen 18-19Oxana Udovenko TOTAL815.9 10/2/2011
SubmasterJanelle Williams SQUAT135 5/19/2000
SubmasterDeb Ames BENCH235 4/19/2003
SubmasterJanelle Williams DEADLIFT170 5/19/2000
SubmasterJanelle Williams TOTAL380 5/19/2000
Master 40-44Jane Yuster SQUAT265 2/12/2000
Master 40-44Amy Rudder BENCH255 3/5/2016
Master 40-44Amy Rudder DEADLIFT345 3/5/2016
Master 40-44Jane Yuster TOTAL685 2/12/2000
Master 65-69Anna Collins SQUAT105 6/15/2001
Master 65-69Anna Collins BENCH95 6/15/2001
Master 65-69Anna Collins DEADLIFT200 6/15/2001
Master 65-69Anna Collins TOTAL400 6/15/2001