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OpenAnna McCloskey SQUAT 580 4/18/2010
OpenBrandy Wilson BENCH 315 5/21/2005
OpenAnna McCloskey DEADLIFT 450 4/20/2008
OpenAnna McCloskey TOTAL 1305 4/18/2010
JuniorOksana Udovenko BENCH209.5 5/29/2012
Teen 14-15Anna McCloskey SQUAT535 11/17/2007
Teen 14-15Anna McCloskey BENCH235 11/17/2007
Teen 14-15Anna McCloskey DEADLIFT430 11/17/2007
Teen 14-15Anna McCloskey TOTAL1200 11/17/2007
Teen 16-17SQUAT
Teen 16-17Michelle O'Dell BENCH105 10/27/1995
Teen 16-17DEADLIFT
Teen 16-17TOTAL
SubmasterLinda Jo Belsito SQUAT390 2/10/1996
SubmasterKelley Mahoney BENCH248 11/12/2005
SubmasterLinda Jo Belsito DEADLIFT425 2/10/1996
SubmasterLinda Jo Belsito TOTAL1040 2/10/1996
Master 40-44Patricia Herrera SQUAT160 10/24/2009
Master 40-44Sandra Mulligan BENCH190 11/22/1996
Master 40-44Patricia Herrera DEADLIFT175 10/24/2009
Master 40-44Patricia Herrera TOTAL440 10/24/2009
Master 45-49Joanne RussellBENCH904/16/2016
Master 45-49Joanne RussellDEADLIFT2404/16/2016
Master 45-49Joanne RussellTOTAL3304/16/2016
Master 55-59Sue Ann Pack SQUAT260 11/19/1999
Master 55-59Sue Ann Pack BENCH215 11/19/1999
Master 55-59Sue Ann Pack DEADLIFT310 11/19/1999
Master 55-59Sue Ann Pack TOTAL785 11/19/1999