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OpenBrooke Fineis-Curry SQUAT 570 6/27/2009
OpenDarilyn Doddy BENCH 380 6/26/2010
OpenBrooke Fineis-Curry DEADLIFT 445 8/7/2010
JuniorHailey BarrettBENCH30010/7/2017
OpenBrooke Fineis-Curry TOTAL 1335 8/7/2010
Teen 14-15SQUAT
Teen 14-15Jessica Sabo BENCH215 5/1/2004
Teen 14-15Julie Keane DEADLIFT270 4/8/1995
Teen 14-15TOTAL
Teen 16-17Becky Labushesky SQUAT275 11/15/2002
Teen 16-17Wendy Johnson BENCH150 3/22/1997
Teen 16-17Becky Labushesky DEADLIFT315 11/15/2002
Teen 16-17Nilema Baldwin TOTAL675 4/24/2004
Teen 18-19Becky Labushesky SQUAT415 11/19/2004
Teen 18-19Darilyn Doddy BENCH380 6/26/2010
Teen 18-19Becky Labushesky DEADLIFT370 11/19/2004
Teen 18-19Becky Labushesky TOTAL975 11/19/2004
SubmasterJeanine Whittaker SQUAT315 3/6/2011
SubmasterDenise Timbs BENCH270 3/11/2017
SubmasterKaren Phillips DEADLIFT345 11/19/1999
SubmasterJeanine Whittaker TOTAL775 3/6/2011
Master 40-44Judy Tomaselli SQUAT360 11/18/1995
Master 40-44Mary Jacobson BENCH235 2/12/2000
Master 40-44Judy Tomaselli DEADLIFT345 11/18/1995
Master 40-44Judy Tomaselli TOTAL815 11/18/1995
Master 45-49Marcia Ferguson SQUAT360 4/3/2004
Master 45-49Marcia Ferguson BENCH215 4/3/2004
Master 45-49Marcia Ferguson DEADLIFT380 4/3/2004
Master 45-49Marcia Ferguson TOTAL955 4/3/2004
Master 50-54SQUAT
Master 50-54Carole Shelton BENCH132.25 9/18/1999
Master 50-54DEADLIFT
Master 50-54TOTAL
Master 55-59Betsy Bowen SQUAT340 4/17/2010
Master 55-59Betsy Bowen BENCH185 4/17/2010
Master 55-59Betsy Bowen DEADLIFT315 4/17/2010
Master 55-59Betsy Bowen TOTAL840 4/17/2010