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OpenJenny Burkey SQUAT 415 8/8/2003
OpenJerri Lynn Lippert BENCH 240 10/4/1997
OpenDeidre Johnson-Crane DEADLIFT 355 11/21/1997
OpenJenny Burkey TOTAL 935 8/8/2003
JuniorJean Forgathsch SQUAT350 1/17/2009
JuniorJean Forgathsch BENCH225 1/17/2009
JuniorJean Forgathsch DEADLIFT330 1/17/2009
JuniorJean Forgathsch TOTAL905 1/17/2009
Teen 14-15Tara Geldhauser SQUAT205 3/25/2017
Teen 14-15Mary Skinner BENCH130 8/5/1995
Teen 14-15Tara Geldhauser DEADLIFT250 3/25/2017
Teen 14-15Tara Geldhauser TOTAL585 3/25/2017
Teen 16-17Megan Davey SQUAT250 3/25/2000
Teen 16-17Megan Davey BENCH140 3/25/2000
Teen 16-17Amanda Gabriel DEADLIFT275 4/17/2010
Teen 16-17Megan Davey TOTAL640 3/25/2000
Teen 18-19Nadezhda Reutova SQUAT308.7 9/27/2011
Teen 18-19Nadezhda Reutova BENCH187.4 9/27/2011
Teen 18-19Nadezhda Reutova DEADLIFT264.6 9/27/2011
Teen 18-19Nadezhda Reutova TOTAL760.7 9/27/2011
SubmasterSu Mason SQUAT225 11/22/1996
SubmasterYvette Vlack BENCH185 11/24/1998
SubmasterLynn Pratt DEADLIFT315 12/22/2001
SubmasterSu Mason TOTAL575 11/22/1996
Master 40-44Demeter Picciotti SQUAT260 10/30/1998
Master 40-44Sherri Bullock BENCH170 7/10/2010
Master 40-44Kate Taillon DEADLIFT300 6/15/2001
Master 40-44Demeter Picciotti TOTAL685 10/30/1998
Master 45-49SQUAT
Master 45-49BENCH
Master 45-49Demeter Picciotti DEADLIFT300 11/19/1999
Master 45-49TOTAL