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OpenElizabeth Grundy SQUAT 355 7/11/2015
OpenAlmog Dayan BENCH 215 6/28/2008
OpenShannon Parish DEADLIFT 370 11/17/2001
OpenElizabeth Grundy TOTAL 860 7/11/2015
Teen 14-15Sarah Welcheck SQUAT250 11/22/2008
Teen 14-15Amanda Harris BENCH145 7/22/2006
Teen 14-15Sarah Welcheck DEADLIFT240 11/22/2008
Teen 14-15Sarah Welcheck TOTAL605 11/22/2008
Teen 16-17Sarah Welcheck SQUAT265 7/9/2011
Teen 16-17Sarah Welcheck BENCH135 7/9/2011
Teen 16-17Johnna Andiorio DEADLIFT300 5/21/2005
Teen 16-17Johnna Andiorio TOTAL655 5/21/2005
Teen 18-19Tiffany Marbury SQUAT160 3/22/1997
Teen 18-19Almog Dayan BENCH170 6/23/2007
Teen 18-19Almog Dayan DEADLIFT215 6/23/2007
Teen 18-19Tiffany Marbury TOTAL435 3/22/1997
SubmasterShannon Parrish SQUAT305 11/16/2001
SubmasterYvette Vlack BENCH170 3/7/1998
SubmasterShannon Parrish DEADLIFT370 11/16/2001
SubmasterShannon Parrish TOTAL830 11/16/2001
Master 40-44Shannon Parrish SQUAT370 11/15/2002
Master 40-44Shannon Parrish BENCH170 11/15/2002
Master 40-44Shannon Parrish DEADLIFT345 11/15/2002
Master 40-44Shannon Parrish TOTAL885 11/15/2002
Master 45-49Elizabeth Grundy SQUAT355 7/11/2015
Master 45-49Elizabeth Grundy BENCH190 7/11/2015
Master 45-49Elizabeth Grundy DEADLIFT315 7/11/2015
Master 45-49Elizabeth Grundy TOTAL860 7/11/2015
Master 65-69K. Kleinert SQUAT115 11/17/2001
Master 65-69K. Kleinert BENCH80 11/17/2001
Master 65-69K. Kleinert DEADLIFT150 11/17/2001
Master 65-69K. Kleinert TOTAL345 11/17/2001