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123lb. Veronika Galiakbarova SQUAT242.6 10/2/2011
123lb. Veronika Galiakbarova BENCH104.7 10/2/2011
123lb. Veronika Galiakbarova DEADLIFT 270.1 10/2/2011
123lb. Veronika Galiakbarova TOTAL617.410/2/2011
132lb. Natalya Ayvazova SQUAT209.5 5/29/2012
132lb. Natalya Ayvazova BENCH99.2 5/29/2012
132lb. Natalya Ayvazova DEADLIFT 220.5 5/29/2012
132lb. Natalya Ayvazova TOTAL529.2 5/29/2012
148lb. Natalya Shvachko SQUAT320.2 5/3/2011
148lb. Natalya Shvachko BENCH231.5 5/29/2012
148lb. Natalya Shvachko DEADLIFT 220.8 5/3/2011
148lb. Natalya Shvachko TOTAL717.6 5/3/2011
181lb. Anna McCloskey SQUAT630 3/14/2015
181lb. Anna McCloskey BENCH350 3/14/2015
181lb. Anna McCloskey DEADLIFT 505 3/14/2015
181lb. Anna McCloskey TOTAL1485 3/14/2015