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OpenRheta West SQUAT 675 8/16/2014
OpenLaura Phelps-Sweatt BENCH 440 8/16/2014
OpenShannon Hartnett DEADLIFT 525 8/24/2008
OpenLaura Phelps-Sweatt TOTAL 1565 8/16/2014
Submaster Laura Phelps-Sweatt SQUAT635 8/16/2014
Submaster Laura Phelps-Sweatt BENCH440 8/16/2014
Submaster Laura Phelps-Sweatt DEADLIFT490 8/16/2014
Submaster Laura Phelps-Sweatt TOTAL1565 8/16/2014
Master 40-44Rheta West SQUAT675 8/16/2014
Master 40-44Rheta West BENCH375 8/16/2014
Master 40-44Shannon Hartnett DEADLIFT525 8/24/2008
Master 40-44Rheta West TOTAL1525 8/16/2014
Master 45-49Nina Mukhortova SQUAT298.1 5/3/2011
Master 45-49Nina Mukhortova BENCH242.9 5/3/2011
Master 45-49Nina Mukhortova DEADLIFT342.2 5/3/2011
Master 45-49Nina Mukhortova TOTAL883.2 5/3/2011
Master 50-54Carol Silverman SQUAT260 7/10/2004
Master 50-54Kate Taillon BENCH220 5/18/2013
Master 50-54Carol Silverman DEADLIFT320 7/10/2004
Master 50-54Carol Silverman TOTAL580 7/10/2004
Master 55-59Jeanne Burchett SQUAT270 3/7/1998
Master 55-59Jeanne Burchett BENCH135 11/21/1997
Master 55-59Jeanne Burchett DEADLIFT300 3/7/1998
Master 55-59Jeanne Burchett TOTAL705 3/7/1998
Master 60-64Rita Carlsson SQUAT400 10/18/2014
Master 60-64Rita Carlsson BENCH155 10/18/2014
Master 60-64Rita Carlsson DEADLIFT360 10/18/2014
Master 60-64Rita Carlsson TOTAL900 10/18/2014