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OpenNatalie Harrington SQUAT 590 8/18/2007
OpenJanet Faraone BENCH 375 6/23/2012
OpenAmy Weisberger DEADLIFT 500 8/18/2007
OpenAmy Weisberger TOTAL 1440 8/18/2007
Submaster Ashley Boyce SQUAT425 11/22/1996
Submaster Ashley Boyce BENCH255 11/22/1996
Submaster Ashley Boyce DEADLIFT410 7/6/1996
Submaster Ashley Boyce TOTAL1075 11/22/1996
Master 40-44Bianca Stone SQUAT410 8/23/2008
Master 40-44Janet Faraone BENCH375 6/23/2012
Master 40-44Bianca Stone DEADLIFT385 8/23/2008
Master 40-44Bianca Stone TOTAL1070 8/23/2008
Master 45-49Beth PoplinSQUAT4656/25/2016
Master 45-49Beth PoplinBENCH3506/25/2016
Master 45-49Beth PoplinDEADLIFT3656/25/2016
Master 45-49Beth PoplinTOTAL11806/25/2016
Master 55-59Jeanne Burchett SQUAT260 11/22/1996
Master 55-59Jeanne Burchett BENCH135 11/22/1996
Master 55-59Jeanne Burchett DEADLIFT280 3/8/1997
Master 55-59Jeanne Burchett TOTAL665 11/22/1996