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OpenNatalie Harrington SQUAT 460 2/6/2010
OpenJanet Faraone BENCH 290 5/29/2004
OpenAmy Weisberger DEADLIFT 450 2/20/2000
OpenAmy Weisberger TOTAL 1180 2/20/2000
Submaster Ellen Chaillet SQUAT340 3/9/1996
Submaster Janet Faraone BENCH290 5/29/2004
Submaster Melanie Diamond DEADLIFT370 7/6/1996
Submaster Ellen Chaillet TOTAL870 3/7/1998
Master 40-44SQUAT
Master 40-44Anna Kurkurina BENCH240 6/28/2008
Master 40-44DEADLIFT
Master 40-44TOTAL
Master 50-54Elizabeth GrundySQUAT4303/4/2017
Master 50-54Elizabeth GrundyBENCH2753/4/2017
Master 50-54Elizabeth GrundyDEADLIFT3556/25/2016
Master 50-54Elizabeth GrundyTOTAL10503/4/2017