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165lb. Doug SchaderSQUAT2659/16/2017
165lb. Jeremy Woods BENCH350 3/6/2011
165lb. Doug SchaderDEADLIFT 3009/16/2017
165lb. Doug SchaderTOTAL7559/16/2017
181lb. Jason LeachSQUAT4506/25/2016
181lb. Adam Harshbarger BENCH325 11/15/2014
181lb. Jason Leach DEADLIFT 485 6/25/2016
181lb. Jason Leach 1TOTAL1220 6/25/2016
198lb. Derek Wallace SQUAT475 11/18/2017
198lb. Derek Wallace BENCH345 11/18/2017
198lb. Todd Iverson DEADLIFT 500 11/15/2014
198lb. Derek Wallace TOTAL1280 11/18/2017
220lb. Larry Sturdivant, Jr. SQUAT515 8/20/2011
220lb. Jeremy Elston BENCH410 11/19/2017
220lb. Daniel Bomysoad DEADLIFT 520 3/5/2017
220lb. Larry Sturdivant, Jr. TOTAL1370 8/20/2011
242lb. CJ Lyter SQUAT525 6/21/2015
242lb. Knight Smith BENCH422.5 6/21/2015
242lb. CJ Lyter DEADLIFT 545 6/21/2015
242lb. CJ Lyter TOTAL1480 6/21/2015
275lb. William Hobbs SQUAT670 10/24/2015
275lb. Mike Barravecchio BENCH440 11/20/2011
275lb. Clark Anderson DEADLIFT655 9/22/2012
275lb. William Hobbs TOTAL1720 10/24/2015
308lb. Matthew Annis SQUAT749.6 4/29/2017
308lb. Matthew Annis BENCH518.1 4/29/2017
308lb. Clark Anderson DEADLIFT650 10/3/2015
308lb. Matthew Annis TOTAL1890.4 4/29/2017
SHW Brandon Van Grol BENCH520 3/5/2017
SHW Brian Bacher DEADLIFT665 2/13/2010
SHW Brian Bacher TOTAL1120 12/5/2009