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OpenCorey Britton SQUAT 940 3/25/2017
OpenBen Brand BENCH 655 11/21/2010
OpenDan Kovacs DEADLIFT 830 11/18/2012
OpenBurley Hawk TOTAL 2320 8/17/2013
Junior Brandon Van Grol BENCH520 3/5/2017
SubmasterAndy Bosnyak DEADLIFT610 8/2/2014
SubmasterAndy Bosnyak TOTAL1090 8/2/2014
Master 40-44Cory Carbaugh SQUAT600 9/10/2016
Master 40-44Vincent Dizenzo BENCH605 8/22/2009
Master 40-44Vince Eldridge DEADLIFT650.3 6/25/2005
Master 40-44David Murray TOTAL1435 11/18/2012
Master 45-49Dan KovacsSQUAT8253/5/2016
Master 45-49Dan KovacsBENCH5703/5/2016
Master 45-49Dan KovacsDEADLIFT7903/5/2016
Master 45-49Dan KovacsTOTAL21853/5/2016
Master 50-54Mikhail Chekushkin SQUAT640.3 5/3/2011
Master 50-54Mikhail Chekushkin BENCH331.2 5/3/2011
Master 50-54Mikhail Chekushkin DEADLIFT529.9 5/3/2011
Master 50-54Mikhail Chekushkin TOTAL1501.4 5/3/2011
Master 60-64Les Jordan BENCH230 8/20/2011
Master 60-64Les Jordan DEADLIFT440 8/20/2011
Master 60-64Les Jordan TOTAL670 8/20/2011