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OpenDaniel Bell SQUAT 900 10/18/2014
OpenDan Kovaks BENCH 637.5 11/20/2011
OpenDan Kovaks DEADLIFT 825 6/27/2010
OpenDan Kovaks TOTAL 2202.5 11/20/2011
Junior Jacob Pickett SQUAT755 3/5/2017
Junior Brandon VanGrol BENCH480 3/5/2016
Junior Jacob Pickett DEADLIFT690 3/5/2017
JuniorJacob Pickett TOTAL1900 3/5/2017
SubmasterCarl Burke SQUAT700 4/26/2014
SubmasterEdward Daubert BENCH510 12/4/2010
SubmasterEric Hubbard DEADLIFT755 9/22/2012
SubmasterEric Hubbard TOTAL1730 9/22/2012
Master 40-44Shawn Petronella SQUAT725 6/18/2017
Master 40-44Justin Kearns BENCH560 6/26/2016
Master 40-44Roscoe Ware DEADLIFT725 8/18/2012
Master 40-44Roscoe Ware TOTAL1825 8/18/2012
Master 45-49Roscoe Ware SQUAT720 6/18/2017
Master 45-49Roscoe Ware BENCH550 6/18/2017
Master 45-49Roscoe Ware DEADLIFT735 6/18/2017
Master 45-49Roscoe Ware TOTAL2005 6/18/2017
Master 50-54Timothy Albanese SQUAT525 11/18/2012
Master 50-54Timothy Albanese BENCH465 11/18/2012
Master 50-54Timothy Albanese DEADLIFT475 11/18/2012
Master 50-54Timothy Albanese TOTAL1465 11/18/2012
Master 70-74Larry DeAngelis BENCH350 9/22/2012