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OpenNam Shartzer SQUAT 910 3/5/2017
OpenVladimir Kravtsov BENCH 617.4 9/30/2011
OpenDavid Jasiulewicz DEADLIFT 875 7/15/2017
OpenNam Shartzer TOTAL 22053/5/2017
Junior Scott Grant SQUAT780 10/4/2014
Junior Petr Onischuk BENCH574.1 5/3/2011
Junior Michael Lackey DEADLIFT770 3/7/2015
JuniorMichael Lackey TOTAL2015 3/7/2015
Teen (18-19)Chris SmithBENCH4756/25/2016
SubmasterMichael Moore SQUAT680 1/25/2009
SubmasterBrian LaPila BENCH505 7/30/2011
SubmasterBrandon Waitkus DEADLIFT666 3/19/2016
SubmasterMichael Moore TOTAL1755 1/25/2009
Master 40-44Joe Sauble SQUAT785 3/5/2016
Master 40-44Wayne VanNostrand BENCH575 1/19/2013
Master 40-44Jesus Varela DEADLIFT700 7/16/2016
Master 40-44Jesus Varela TOTAL1720 3/5/2016
Master 45-49Kenneth Seekford SQUAT602.5 6/18/2017
Master 45-49Scott Kuzma BENCH500 5/7/2011
Master 45-49Ivan Bell DEADLIFT650 4/26/2014
Master 45-49Kenneth Seekford TOTAL1487.5 6/18/2017
Master 50-54David JohnsSQUAT63011/19/2017
Master 50-54Sam Luciano BENCH420 6/22/2014
Master 50-54Aaron PanigallDEADLIFT70511/19/2017
Master 50-54Aaron PanigallTOTAL174011/19/2017
Master 55-59Timothy Albanese SQUAT565 6/22/2014
Master 55-59Timothy Albanese BENCH455 10/25/2014
Master 55-59Timothy Albanese DEADLIFT585 10/25/2014
Master 55-59Timothy Albanese TOTAL1595 6/22/2014
Master 60-64SQUAT
Master 60-64Raymond BarthBENCH340 11/18/2012
Master 60-64DEADLIFT
Master 60-64TOTAL
Master 70-74SQUAT
Master 70-74Charles Workman BENCH280 3/20/2010
Master 70-74DEADLIFT
Master 70-74TOTAL