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OpenSean Green SQUAT 755 1/31/2015
OpenJeremy Hoornstra BENCH 562.3 9/30/2011
Open Sean Green DEADLIFT 775 11/16/2014
OpenCasey Williams TOTAL 2000 11/17/2013
Junior Greg Nukols SQUAT750 5/18/2013
Junior Alex Truman BENCH500 6/24/2012
Junior Jean-Christophe Dube DEADLIFT716.5 4/29/2017
JuniorGreg Nukols TOTAL1885 5/18/2013
Teen 14-15Dmitry Sgtepanov SQUAT308.7 8/10/2012
Teen 14-15Dmitry Sgtepanov BENCH143.3 8/10/2012
Teen 14-15Dmitry Sgtepanov DEADLIFT308.7 8/10/2012
Teen 14-15Dmitry Sgtepanov TOTAL760.7 8/10/2012
Teen 18-19Reid Miranda SQUAT620 2/6/2016
Teen 18-19Harley Long BENCH425 7/16/2016
Teen 18-19Harley Long DEADLIFT655 7/16/2016
Teen 18-19Reid Miranda TOTAL1690 2/6/2016
SubmasterAaron Panigall SQUAT650 11/19/2017
SubmasterOleg Sajdencal BENCH529.1 2/10/2011
SubmasterMike Behrle DEADLIFT650 3/26/2011
SubmasterAaron Panigall TOTAL1555 11/19/2017
Master 40-44Ernie Lilliebridge, Sr. SQUAT705.2 2/28/2015
Master 40-44Brandon Gooch BENCH515 10/7/2017
Master 40-44Ernie Lilliebridge, Sr. DEADLIFT705.2 2/28/2015
Master 40-44Ernie Lilliebridge, Sr. TOTAL1796.1 2/28/2015
Master 45-49Mark Ferris SQUAT705 4/6/2013
Master 45-49Igor Kushin BENCH551.3 5/29/2012
Master 45-49Mark Ferris DEADLIFT745 4/6/2013
Master 45-49Mark Ferris TOTAL1900 4/6/2013
Master 50-54Mark Ferris SQUAT640 10/11/2014
Master 50-54Tony Lotman BENCH515 11/16/2014
Master 50-54Mark Ferris DEADLIFT700 10/11/2014
Master 50-54Mark Ferris TOTAL1770 10/11/2014
Master 55-59Mike Swierczynski SQUAT630 7/11/2015
Master 55-59Bob Gunn BENCH440 4/6/2013
Master 55-59Kiril Komnatniy DEADLIFT605 5/26/2010
Master 55-59Kiril Komnatniy TOTAL1529 5/26/2010
Master 60-64Scott Bixler SQUAT320 11/17/2013
Master 60-64Scott Bixler BENCH320 11/17/2013
Master 60-64Scott Bixler DEADLIFT370 11/17/2013
Master 60-64Scott Bixler TOTAL1010 11/17/2013
Master 65-69SQUAT
Master 65-69Paavo Eskelinen BENCH341.5 5/27/2017
Master 65-69Paavo EskelinenDEADLIFT5955/27/2017
Master 65-69TOTAL