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OpenTom Finn SQUAT 804.5 2/28/2015
OpenVadim Kakhuta BENCH 578.8 5/29/2012
OpenAndrey Belyaev DEADLIFT 826.9 9/29/2011
OpenTom Finn TOTAL 2027.7 2/28/2015
Junior Alex Truman SQUAT585 11/20/2011
Junior Vitaly Babkin BENCH485.1 9/30/2011
Junior Zach Miller DEADLIFT700 3/6/2011
JuniorZach Miller TOTAL1705 3/6/2011
Teen 18-19Noah Miller SQUAT500 9/10/2016
Teen 18-19Dmitry Korolev BENCH369.3 5/29/2012
Teen 18-19Artem Yurash DEADLIFT545.7 9/29/2011
Teen 18-19Noah Miller TOTAL1335 9/10/2016
SubmasterTommy O'Connor SQUAT635 8/20/2016
SubmasterSergey Didovik BENCH485.8 5/3/2011
SubmasterJosh Stottlemire DEADLIFT700 10/25/2014
SubmasterTommy O'Connor TOTAL1605 8/20/2016
Master 40-44Mike Bishop SQUAT630 7/16/2016
Master 40-44Joe Martin BENCH565 10/19/2008
Master 40-44Mike Bishop DEADLIFT700 7/16/2016
Master 40-44Mike Bishop TOTAL1750 7/16/2016
Master 45-49Brian Barger SQUAT630 10/7/2017
Master 45-49Servey Romanov BENCH443.2 5/29/2012
Master 45-49Brian Barger DEADLIFT720 10/7/2017
Master 45-49Brian Barger TOTAL1760 10/7/2017
Master 50-54Phil Guarino SQUAT710 3/19/2016
Master 50-54Tony Lotman BENCH480 6/22/2014
Master 50-54Mark Ferris DEADLIFT715 3/5/2016
Master 50-54Asmlambek Abaev TOTAL1697.9 5/29/2012
Master 55-59David Campbell SQUAT350 3/23/2013
Master 55-59Damir Kuzeev BENCH419.5 5/3/2011
Master 55-59Roy Apseloff DEADLIFT505 6/21/2015
Master 55-59David Campbell TOTAL1100 3/23/2013
Master 60-64James Cash SQUAT320 11/18/2012
Master 60-64Damir Kuzeev BENCH402.4 5/29/2012
Master 60-64James Cash DEADLIFT560 11/17/2013
Master 60-64James Cash TOTAL1145 11/18/2012
Master 65-69James CashSQUAT36511/19/2017
Master 65-69James McNeill, Jr. BENCH301.1 2/6/2010
Master 65-69James Cash DEADLIFT530 11/19/2017
Master 65-69James Cash TOTAL1100 11/19/2017
Master 70-74SQUAT
Master 70-74Vyacheslav Tsyganok BENCH308.7 5/29/2012
Master 70-74DEADLIFT
Master 70-74TOTAL
Master 75-79SQUAT
Master 75-79John Moore BENCH255 6/23/2013
Master 75-79DEADLIFT
Master 75-79TOTAL

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