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OpenErnie Lilliebridge, Jr. SQUAT 810.0 2/28/2015
OpenGreg Doucette BENCH 529.1 4/29/2017
OpenBali Haciyev DEADLIFT 722 3/23/2013
OpenErnie Lilliebridge, Jr. TOTAL 1966.9 2/28/2015
Junior Ahmed Zahiravic SQUAT580 3/5/2016
Junior Idris Kuzaev BENCH507.2 5/29/2012
Junior Ahmed Zahiravik DEADLIFT600 3/5/2016
JuniorAhmed Zahiravic TOTAL15103/5/2016
Teen 16-17Ivan Mishukov SQUAT248.1 8/10/2012
Teen 16-17Ilva Boyko BENCH308.7 9/30/2011
Teen 16-17Ivan Mishukov DEADLIFT308.7 8/10/2012
Teen 16-17Ivan Mishukov TOTAL705.6 8/10/2012
Teen 18-19Jason Newlan SQUAT520 4/29/2017
Teen 18-19Evan DiMaiolo BENCH420 8/18/2012
Teen 18-19Andrey Bayzhanov DEADLIFT562.3 5/29/2012
Teen 18-19Andrey Bayzhanov TOTAL1312 5/29/2012
SubmasterLarry Dyles SQUAT700 6/17/2017
SubmasterGreg Doucette BENCH518 6/21/2015
SubmasterGreg Doucette DEADLIFT661.4 6/21/2015
SubmasterLarry Dyles TOTAL17056/17/2017
Master 40-44David Heffernan SQUAT625 10/6/2012
Master 40-44Greg Doucette BENCH529.1 4/29/2017
Master 40-44Vyacheslav Kravchenko DEADLIFT660 5/26/2010
Master 40-44David Heffernan TOTAL1535 10/6/2012
Master 45-49Bill Huling SQUAT530 9/16/2017
Master 45-49Dave Siegfried BENCH450 9/12/2009
Master 45-49Bill Huling DEADLIFT607.5 11/16/2013
Master 45-49Bill Huling TOTAL1507.5 11/16/2013
Master 50-54Vladimir Kopchuk SQUAT402.4 9/29/2011
Master 50-54Gennady Khvan BENCH457.5 9/30/2011
Master 50-54Dave Yarnell DEADLIFT520 4/17/2011
Master 50-54Dave Yarnell TOTAL1170 4/17/2011
Master 55-59Derek Wallace SQUAT475 11/18/2017
Master 55-59Derek Wallace BENCH345 11/18/2017
Master 55-59Derek Wallace DEADLIFT460 11/18/2017
Master 55-59Derek Wallace TOTAL1280 11/18/2017
Master 60-64Vladimir Nagalyuk SQUAT385.9 9/29/2011
Master 60-64Fedor Chesnokov BENCH352.2 9/30/2011
Master 60-64Vladimir Nagalyuk DEADLIFT424.5 9/29/2011
Master 60-64Vladimir Nagalyuk TOTAL997.8 9/29/2011
Master 65-69John Varrone, Jr. SQUAT440 9/22/2012
Master 65-69Fedor Chesnokov BENCH308.7 5/29/2012
Master 65-69John Varrone, Jr. DEADLIFT445 9/22/2012
Master 65-69John Varrone, Jr. TOTAL1045 9/22/2012
Master 70-74SQUAT
Master 70-74James McNeill, Jr. BENCH255 11/18/2017
Master 70-74DEADLIFT
Master 70-74TOTAL