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OpenMaliek Derstine SQUAT 775 7/15/2017
OpenMaliek Derstine BENCH 505 7/15/2017
OpenZach Homol DEADLIFT 675 12/10/2016
OpenMaliek Derstine TOTAL 1955 7/15/2017
Junior Eric Giusto SQUAT520 6/27/2009
Junior Roman Shportko BENCH495 5/26/2010
Junior Grigory Avakyan DEADLIFT573 5/26/2010
JuniorEric Giusto TOTAL1430 6/27/2009
Teen 14-15SQUAT
Teen 14-15Pavel Malinin BENCH82.7 5/29/2012
Teen 14-15DEADLIFT
Teen 14-15TOTAL
Teen 16-17SQUAT
Teen 16-17Alexandr Levin BENCH352.8 9/30/2011
Teen 16-17DEADLIFT
Teen 16-17TOTAL
Teen 18-19Gennady Vasyuchkov SQUAT507.2 5/29/2012
Teen 18-19Faraj Jalilov BENCH330.8 9/29/2011
Teen 18-19Gennady Vasyuchkov DEADLIFT584.3 5/29/2012
Teen 18-19Gennady Vasyuchkov TOTAL1400.2 5/29/2012
SubmasterChad Toffolo SQUAT570 11/16/2013
SubmasterKeith Odell BENCH375 3/4/2017
SubmasterChad Toffolo DEADLIFT655 11/16/2013
SubmasterChad Toffolo TOTAL1585 11/16/2013
Master 40-44Fernando Marcano-Suarez SQUAT540 6/22/2013
Master 40-44Jake Williams BENCH445 10/28/2017
Master 40-44David Dibble DEADLIFT530 3/4/2017
Master 40-44Fernando Marcano-Suarez TOTAL1440 6/22/2013
Master 45-49SQUAT
Master 45-49Kevin Stauffer BENCH360 11/20/2010
Master 45-49DEADLIFT
Master 45-49TOTAL
Master 50-54Petr Orobets SQUAT496.1 5/29/2012
Master 50-54Vladimir Reshetnikov BENCH420.6 5/3/2011
Master 50-54Petr Orobets DEADLIFT624 5/29/2012
Master 50-54Petr Orobets TOTAL1439.8 5/29/2012
Master 55-59Doug Kline SQUAT330 11/16/2013
Master 55-59Charles Smith BENCH360 7/16/2016
Master 55-59Paul Caruso DEADLIFT500 6/20/2015
Master 55-59Doug Kline TOTAL1040 11/16/2013
Master 60-64John Newman SQUAT300 11/11/2005
Master 60-64John Newman BENCH245 11/11/2005
Master 60-64John Newman DEADLIFT405 11/11/2005
Master 60-64John Newman TOTAL950 11/11/2005
Master 65-69Patrick Mullaney SQUAT330 11/16/2013
Master 65-69Patrick Mullaney BENCH305 2/19/2011
Master 65-69Patrick Mullaney DEADLIFT440 6/23/2012
Master 65-69Patrick Mullaney TOTAL1060 6/23/2012
Master 70-74Patrick Mullaney SQUAT340 2/28/2015
Master 70-74Patrick Mullaney BENCH260 2/28/2015
Master 70-74Patrick Mullaney DEADLIFT400 2/28/2015
Master 70-74Patrick Mullaney TOTAL1000 2/28/2015
Master 75-79SQUAT
Master 75-79Vladimir Malyshev BENCH275.6 9/30/2011
Master 75-79DEADLIFT
Master 75-79TOTAL