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OpenRyan Betz SQUAT 617.5 11/19/2016
OpenJoe Mazza BENCH 487.5 11/6/2010
OpenArkady Shalokha DEADLIFT 639.5 5/29/2012
OpenArkady Shalokha TOTAL 1615.2 5/29/2012
Junior Vladimir Zhadenov SQUAT518.9 5/3/2011
Junior Artur Lapshin BENCH380.4 5/29/2012
Junior Damian Colletti DEADLIFT525 11/17/2012
JuniorVladimir Zhadenov TOTAL1357.9 5/3/2011
Teen 16-17Patrick Lawrence SQUAT325 4/9/2016
Teen 16-17Llya Khodurev BENCH270.1 9/30/2011
Teen 16-17Patrick Lawrence DEADLIFT435 4/9/2016
Teen 16-17Patrick Lawrence TOTAL975 4/9/2016
Teen 18-19Yan Zabrotsky SQUAT363.8 5/29/2012
Teen 18-19Alexandr Krinitsyn BENCH330.8 5/29/2012
Teen 18-19Yan Zabrotsky DEADLIFT430 5/29/2012
Teen 18-19Yan Zabrotsky TOTAL1069.4 5/29/2012
SubmasterTom Roselli SQUAT515 7/30/2011
SubmasterJeremy Woods BENCH350 3/6/2011
SubmasterTom Roselli DEADLIFT535 7/30/2011
SubmasterTom Roselli TOTAL1400 7/30/2011
Master 40-44SQUAT
Master 40-44Dmitry Kukharenko BENCH369.3 5/29/2012
Master 40-44DEADLIFT
Master 40-44TOTAL
Master 45-49SQUAT
Master 45-49Vladimir Gurov BENCH270.1 9/30/2011
Master 45-49DEADLIFT
Master 45-49TOTAL
Master 50-54Sean Kearney SQUAT345 3/4/2017
Master 50-54Sean Kearney BENCH265 3/4/2017
Master 50-54Sergey Alampiev DEADLIFT463.1 9/29/2011
Master 50-54Sergey Alampiev TOTAL1036.4 9/29/2011
Master 55-59Sergey Bobkov SQUAT330 5/26/2010
Master 55-59Sergey Pismenniy BENCH258.5 5/26/2010
Master 55-59Sergey Bobkov DEADLIFT330 5/26/2010
Master 55-59Sergey Bobkov TOTAL880 5/26/2010
Master 60-64Mingaley Zagrirov SQUAT231.5 2/10/2011
Master 60-64Mingaley Zagrirov BENCH165.3 2/10/2011
Master 60-64Mingaley Zagrirov DEADLIFT336.2 2/10/2011
Master 60-64Mingaley Zagrirov TOTAL733 2/10/2011
Master 65-69Viktor Glushenko SQUAT358.5 5/26/2010
Master 65-69Patrick Mullaney BENCH285 6/26/2011
Master 65-69Patrick Mullaney DEADLIFT430 12/13/2014
Master 65-69Viktor Glushenko TOTAL1014 5/26/2010
Master 70-74SQUAT
Master 70-74Leonid Dvorkin BENCH248.1 5/29/2012
Master 70-74DEADLIFT
Master 70-74TOTAL