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OpenAndrew Hollenbeck SQUAT 550 11/16/2013
OpenKhamzat Kasumov BENCH 380.4 5/29/2012
OpenAndrew Hollenbeck DEADLIFT 575 11/16/2013
OpenAndrew Hollenbeck TOTAL 1415 11/16/2013
Junior Edward Mussi, Jr. SQUAT455 3/4/2017
Junior Rovshan Khalilov BENCH319.7 3/24/2013
Junior Edward Mussi, Jr. DEADLIFT550 9/16/2017
JuniorEdward Mussi, Jr. TOTAL1236.5 3/4/2017
Teen 14-15Vyacheslav Bakharev SQUAT264.6 8/10/2012
Teen 14-15Ivan Badyin BENCH248.1 9/30/2011
Teen 14-15Vyacheslav Bakharev DEADLIFT264.6 8/10/2012
Teen 14-15Vyacheslav Bakharev TOTAL722.1 8/10/2012
Teen 16-17Mikhail Semenikhin SQUAT341.8 5/29/2012
Teen 16-17Anton Noskov BENCH253.6 9/30/2011
Teen 16-17Nikita Zhelev DEADLIFT308.7 10/2/2011
Teen 16-17Mikhail Semenikhin TOTAL821.4 5/29/2012
Teen 18-19Batraz Gagiev SQUAT352.8 5/29/2012
Teen 18-19Alexandr Krinitsyn BENCH286.7 9/30/2011
Teen 18-19Batraz Gagiev DEADLIFT419 5/29/2012
Teen 18-19Batraz Gagiev TOTAL1058.4 5/29/2012
SubmasterShawn O'Grady BENCH310 4/17/2010
SubmasterShawn O'Grady DEADLIFT440 4/17/2010
SubmasterShawn O'Grady TOTAL750 4/17/2010
Master 40-44SQUAT
Master 40-44 Jonas Kreitzer BENCH300 11/16/2013
Master 40-44DEADLIFT
Master 40-44TOTAL
Master 70-74Vasily Ankushin SQUAT259.1 9/29/2011
Master 70-74John Heck BENCH225 11/18/2017
Master 70-74Vasily Ankushin DEADLIFT341.8 9/29/2011
Master 70-74Vasily Ankushin TOTAL777.3 9/29/2011