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OpenAnar Musayev SQUAT 315.2 3/23/2013
OpenRovshan Khalilov BENCH 243 8/26/2011
OpenAnar Musayev DEADLIFT 418.9 3/23/2013
OpenAnar Musayev TOTAL 925.9 3/23/2013
Junior Vitaly Kuznetsov SQUAT209.5 8/10/2012
Junior Vitaly Kuznetsov BENCH170.9 8/10/2012
Junior Vitaly Kuznetsov DEADLIFT286.7 8/10/2012
JuniorVitaly Kuznetsov TOTAL667 8/10/2012
Teen 14-15Viktor Inamov SQUAT209.5 10/2/2011
Teen 14-15Viktor Inamov BENCH104.7 10/2/2011
Teen 14-15Viktor Inamov DEADLIFT259.1 10/2/2011
Teen 14-15Viktor Inamov TOTAL573.3 10/2/2011
Teen 18-19Vitaly Zhuraviev SQUAT231.5 10/2/2011
Teen 18-19Ayub Taymiskhanov BENCH231.5 5/29/2012
Teen 18-19Vitaly Zhuraviev DEADLIFT347.3 10/2/2011
Teen 18-19Vitaly Zhuraviev TOTAL766.2 10/2/2011
Master 75-79Alexandr Dambinov SQUAT187.4 5/29/2012
Master 75-79Alexandr Dambinov BENCH121.3 5/29/2012
Master 75-79Alexandr Dambinov DEADLIFT341.8 5/29/2012
Master 75-79Alexandr Dambinov TOTAL650.5 5/29/2012