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132Korbin SpaydSQUAT2553/5/2016
132Korbin SpaydBENCH2403/5/2016
132Korbin SpaydDEADLIFT2703/5/2016
132Korbin SpaydTOTAL7653/5/2016
148lb. SQUAT
148lb. Anthony DiGiore BENCH270 8/19/2010
148lb. Anthony DiGiore DEADLIFT 400 8/19/2010
148lb. Anthony DiGiore TOTAL670 8/19/2010
165lb. Sean Hightman SQUAT520 11/19/2016
165lb. Jeffrey Willis BENCH315 11/19/2016
165lb. Sean Hightman DEADLIFT 510 3/5/2016
165lb. Sean Hightman TOTAL1335 11/19/2016
181lb. Kevin Scalli SQUAT470 7/14/2014
181lb. Edward Maddock BENCH385 12/5/2009
181lb. Kevin Conine DEADLIFT 510 4/26/2014
181lb. Scott Meier TOTAL1250 6/20/2015
198lb. Ryleigh Clark SQUAT625 10/18/2014
198lb. Ryleigh Clark BENCH405 10/18/2014
198lb. Ryleigh Clark DEADLIFT 575 10/18/2014
198lb. Ryleigh Clark TOTAL1605 10/18/2014
220lb. Ryan Kalbaugh SQUAT600 7/15/2014
220lb. Andrezet Kocyla BENCH520 7/15/2014
220lb. Jerry Hopewell DEADLIFT 640 8/19/2010
220lb. Rick Atkinson TOTAL1610 3/5/2017
242lb. Zachary Morrow SQUAT584.2 4/30/2017
242lb. Keith Barrett BENCH450 8/19/2010
242lb. Michael Croce DEADLIFT 630 10/3/2015
242lb. Zachary Morrow TOTAL1603.8 4/30/2017
275lb. Kevin Barbeau SQUAT630 8/19/2010
275lb. Charles Bothwell BENCH470 6/27/2010
275lb. Charles Thomson DEADLIFT615 7/15/2014
275lb. Kevin Barbeau TOTAL1650 8/19/2010
308lb. Chris Rickles SQUAT760 7/8/2017
308lb. Charles Bothwell BENCH530 7/15/2014
308lb. Craig Peters DEADLIFT720 7/15/2014
308lb. Craig Peters TOTAL1900 7/15/2014
SHW Andrew Trostle SQUAT675 12/13/2014
SHW William Miner BENCH415 7/15/2014
SHW Andrew Trostle DEADLIFT655 12/13/2014
SHW Andrew Trostle TOTAL1670 12/13/2014