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OpenIan McKay SQUAT 775 12/18/2016
OpenAndy Shaffer BENCH 615 12/8/2007
OpenAndrew Trostle DEADLIFT 655 12/13/2014
OpenIan McKay TOTAL 1905 3/5/2016
Junior Sammy Santes SQUAT700 10/7/2017
Junior Tom Murray BENCH510 11/20/2011
Junior Michael Grimm DEADLIFT740 8/12/2017
Junior Michael Grimm TOTAL1840 8/12/2017
Teen 16-17Eric Schwarz SQUAT410 6/25/2016
Teen 16-17Eric Schwarz BENCH265 6/25/2016
Teen 16-17Eric Schwarz DEADLIFT465 6/25/2016
Teen 16-17Eric Schwarz TOTAL1140 6/25/2016
Teen 18-19Joey LavalleeSQUAT6014/9/2016
Teen 18-19Joey LavalleeBENCH3754/9/2016
Teen 18-19Joey LavalleeDEADLIFT6504/9/2016
Teen 18-19Joey LavalleeTOTAL16264/9/2016
SubmasterKawika Kahalehoe SQUAT570 11/19/2017
SubmasterMarvin Bishop BENCH540 3/6/2011
SubmasterKawika Kahalehoe DEADLIFT600 7/15/2017
SubmasterKawika Kahalehoe TOTAL1580 11/19/2017
Master 40-44Doug CarmackSQUAT6006/18/2017
Master 40-44Kevin Clark BENCH435 11/17/2013
Master 40-44Doug Carmack DEADLIFT500 6/18/2017
Master 40-44Doug Carmack TOTAL1500 6/18/2017
Master 45-49Pete Balash SQUAT350 8/9/2008
Master 45-49Tom MacDonald BENCH540 4/18/2010
Master 45-49Pete Balash DEADLIFT425 8/9/2008
Master 45-49Pete Balash TOTAL1065 8/9/2008
Master 50-54Albert Owens, Jr. SQUAT550 6/26/2016
Master 50-54Albert Owens, Jr. BENCH385 6/26/2016
Master 50-54Albert Owens, Jr. DEADLIFT575 6/26/2016
Master 50-54Albert Owens, Jr. TOTAL1510 6/26/2016
Master 60-64SQUAT
Master 60-64Les Jordan BENCH 230 8/20/2011
Master 60-64Les Jordan DEADLIFT 440 8/20/2011
Master 60-64Les Jordan TOTAL 670 8/20/2011