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OpenMatthew Sohmer SQUAT 815 3/7/2015
OpenMartin Plourde BENCH 540.1 4/30/2017
OpenMatthew Sohmer DEADLIFT 770 3/7/2015
OpenMartin Plourde TOTAL 1918 4/30/2017
Junior Matthew Sohmer SQUAT815 3/7/2015
Junior Brett Casella BENCH455 7/9/2011
Junior Matthew Sohmer DEADLIFT770 3/7/2015
Junior Matthew Sohmer TOTAL1855 3/7/2015
Up to 13 yearsMichael ManciniDEADLIFT3004/16/2016
Teen 14-15 SQUAT
Teen 14-15 Christian Rivera BENCH225 5/21/2011
Teen 14-15 Christian Rivera DEADLIFT430 5/21/2011
Teen 14-15Christian Rivera TOTAL655 5/21/2011
Teen 16-17Samuel Gyeni SQUAT577.5 6/25/2016
Teen 16-17Samuel Gyeni BENCH392.5 6/25/2016
Teen 16-17Robert Thompson DEADLIFT600 11/20/2010
Teen 16-17Samuel Gyeni TOTAL1500 6/25/2016
Teen 18-19Matt Sohmer SQUAT800 3/2/2013
Teen 18-19Bobby Thompson BENCH410 5/7/2011
Teen 18-19Matt Sohmer DEADLIFT725 3/2/2013
Teen 18-19Matt Sohmer TOTAL1835 3/2/2013
SubmasterJamie Lewis SQUAT650 5/1/2010
SubmasterRufat Aghayev BENCH475 3/6/2011
SubmasterJamie Lewis DEADLIFT650 5/1/2010
SubmasterJamie Lewis TOTAL1705 5/1/2010
Master 40-44Roscoe Ware SQUAT560 6/26/2011
Master 40-44Roscoe Ware BENCH465 6/26/2011
Master 40-44Roscoe Ware DEADLIFT715 6/26/2011
Master 40-44Roscoe Ware TOTAL1740 6/26/2011
Master 45-49Anthony Battaglini SQUAT560 6/23/2013
Master 45-49Denis Oglobin BENCH468.5 3/24/13
Master 45-49Charles Thomson DEADLIFT615 7/15/2014
Master 45-49Bart Shuman TOTAL1550 6/27/2010
Master 50-54Michael Bradley SQUAT550 5/2/2009
Master 50-54Scott Soud BENCH480 4/26/2014
Master 50-54Joseph Haywood DEADLIFT610 11/19/2017
Master 50-54Michael Bradley TOTAL1555 5/2/2009
Master 55-59Mike Newman SQUAT310 12/5/2015
Master 55-59Frank Myers BENCH430 5/22/2010
Master 55-59Jose St. Victor DEADLIFT590 1/29/2011
Master 55-59Mike Newman TOTAL955 12/5/2015
Master 60-64Charles Touchinsky SQUAT465 3/1/2014
Master 60-64Charles Touchinsky BENCH330 3/1/2014
Master 60-64Charles Touchinsky DEADLIFT460 3/1/2014
Master 60-64Charles Touchinsky TOTAL1255 3/1/2014
Master 65-69Fred D. Fischer SQUAT445 9/10/2016
Master 65-69Fred D. Fischer BENCH285 9/10/2016
Master 65-69Fred D. Fischer DEADLIFT450 9/10/2016
Master 65-69Fred D. Fischer TOTAL1180 9/10/2016
Master 75-79SQUAT
Master 75-79Don Joy BENCH290 11/20/2011
Master 75-79DEADLIFT
Master 75-79TOTAL
Master 80+SQUAT
Master 80+Don Joy BENCH280 8/18/2012
Master 80+DEADLIFT
Master 80+TOTAL