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OpenMark Greenstein SQUAT 705 5/18/2014
OpenAleksey Harauzov BENCH 441 2/10/2011
OpenMark Greenstein DEADLIFT 680 5/18/2014
OpenMark Greenstein TOTAL 1825 5/18/2014
Junior Ramon Zayas SQUAT630 10/18/2014
Junior Nick Apseloff BENCH422.5 6/21/2014
Junior Nick Troetti DEADLIFT675 2/6/2016
Junior Ramon Zayas TOTAL1600 10/18/2014
Teen 14-15 JD Aspland SQUAT405 4/11/2015
Teen 14-15 Estefan Hidalgo BENCH253.5 6/25/2016
Teen 14-15 JD Aspland DEADLIFT515 4/11/2015
Teen 14-15JD Aspland TOTAL1125 4/11/2015
Teen 16-17JD Aspland SQUAT500 3/19/2016
Teen 16-17William Jake Benedict BENCH325 1/25/2014
Teen 16-17JD Aspland DEADLIFT530 3/19/2016
Teen 16-17JD Aspland TOTAL1295 3/19/2016
Teen 18-19Jason Newlan SQUAT575 12/9/2017
Teen 18-19Nicholas Apseloff BENCH370 8/18/2012
Teen 18-19Brandon Tunquist DEADLIFT605 10/8/2011
Teen 18-19Jake Schaefer TOTAL1470 4/11/2015
SubmasterRyleigh Clark SQUAT625 10/18/2014
SubmasterPatrick Coreno BENCH445 6/22/2013
SubmasterVitaly Tereschenko DEADLIFT596.2 5/3/2011
SubmasterRyleigh Clark TOTAL1605 10/18/2014
Master 40-44Rob Clark SQUAT650 10/4/2014
Master 40-44Jacob Williams BENCH427.5 11/18/2017
Master 40-44Rob Clark DEADLIFT635 10/4/2014
Master 40-44Rob Clark TOTAL1725 10/4/2014
Master 45-49Dan Farmer SQUAT510 4/8/2017
Master 45-49Carl Barkley, Jr. BENCH390 2/28/2015
Master 45-49Eddie Difruscia DEADLIFT605 3/26/2011
Master 45-49Carl Barkley, Jr. TOTAL1380 2/28/2015
Master 50-54Carl Barkley, Jr. SQUAT510 3/4/2017
Master 50-54Vadim Reshetnikov BENCH396.8 2/10/2011
Master 50-54Carl Barkley, Jr. DEADLIFT494 3/4/2017
Master 50-54Carl Barkley, Jr. TOTAL1379 3/4/2017
Master 55-59Alexandr Podryadov SQUAT385.9 9/26/2011
Master 55-59Dennis Burns BENCH365 4/16/2011
Master 55-59Roy Apseloff DEADLIFT537.5 6/25/2016
Master 55-59Alexandr Podryadov TOTAL1069.4 9/26/2011
Master 60-64Herbert Greenidge SQUAT452.5 7/14/2014
Master 60-64Herbert Greenidge BENCH340 7/14/2014
Master 60-64Roy Apseloff DEADLIFT585 11/18/2017
Master 60-64Herbert Greenidge TOTAL1260 7/14/2014
Master 65-69Laurie Greenidge SQUAT420 7/14/2014
Master 65-69Fedor Chjesnokov BENCH319.7 8/10/2012
Master 65-69Laurie Greenidge DEADLIFT455 7/14/2014
Master 65-69Laurie Greenidge TOTAL1140 7/14/2014
Master 70-74SQUAT
Master 70-74Eugene Hawkins BENCH305 8/18/2012
Master 70-74DEADLIFT
Master 70-74TOTAL
Master 75-79SQUAT
Master 75-79Robert Dahlhamer BENCH260 11/19/2011
Master 75-79DEADLIFT
Master 75-79TOTAL