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OpenLauren Cohen SQUAT 630 12/6/2014
OpenJacob Williams BENCH 440 11/19/2016
OpenDurell Cull DEADLIFT 640 11/7/2015
OpenDurell Cull TOTAL 1645 11/7/2015
Junior James Scheller SQUAT545 3/1/2014
Junior Jameson Franey BENCH400 11/18/2017
Junior Andrew Kelleher DEADLIFT585 10/19/2013
Junior Andrew Kelleher TOTAL1462.5 10/19/2013
Teen 14-15 Griffen Yeager SQUAT420 10/8/2011
Teen 14-15 DeShawn Salter BENCH275 8/6/2011
Teen 14-15 Griffen Yeager DEADLIFT470 10/8/2011
Teen 14-15Griffen Yeager TOTAL1155 10/8/2011
Teen 16-17Nicolas Chludzinski SQUAT515 11/19/2016
Teen 16-17Nikita Reznickiy BENCH332.9 2/10/2011
Teen 16-17Sergey Strekalov DEADLIFT551 5/26/2010
Teen 16-17Sergey Strekalov TOTAL1344 5/26/2010
Teen 18-19Justin Perrotti SQUAT475 10/21/2017
Teen 18-19Louie Cavalier BENCH485 10/3/2015
Teen 18-19Joshua Kwasnicka DEADLIFT540 3/6/2011
Teen 18-19Austin Petroff TOTAL1320 10/8/2011
SubmasterChad Toffolo SQUAT520 11/17/2012
SubmasterSergey Razzhivin BENCH380.3 2/10/2011
SubmasterChad Toffolo DEADLIFT625 11/17/2012
SubmasterChad Toffolo TOTAL1490 11/17/2012
Master 40-44Jim Rundall SQUAT500 3/5/2016
Master 40-44Jacob Williams BENCH440 11/19/2016
Master 40-44Shaun Marshall DEADLIFT555 3/1/2014
Master 40-44Shaun Marshall TOTAL1355 3/1/2014
Master 45-49Mike Gugino SQUAT510 3/14/2015
Master 45-49Carl Barkley, Jr. BENCH387.2 3/1/2014
Master 45-49Mike Gugino DEADLIFT510 3/14/2015
Master 45-49Mike Gugino TOTAL1370.0 3/14/2015
Master 50-54Vyacheslav Piskalov SQUAT490.6 5/29/2012
Master 50-54Sergey Khudyakov BENCH330.8 8/10/2012
Master 50-54Vyacheslav Piskalov DEADLIFT501.6 5/29/2012
Master 50-54Alexey Krasnov TOTAL1269.6 5/3/2011
Master 55-59James Katchpole SQUAT465 10/23/2010
Master 55-59Thomas Lewis BENCH335 3/3/2012
Master 55-59James Katchpole DEADLIFT530 10/23/2010
Master 55-59James Katchpole TOTAL1255 10/23/2010
Master 60-64Doug Kline SQUAT440 11/18/2017
Master 60-64Howard Aaron BENCH315 11/18/2017
Master 60-64Doug Kline DEADLIFT485 11/18/2017
Master 60-64Doug Kline TOTAL1230 11/17/2018
Master 65-69Ted Shull SQUAT260 8/20/2011
Master 65-69Eldar Tsoriev BENCH299.9 5/29/2012
Master 65-69Ted Shull DEADLIFT335 8/20/2011
Master 65-69Ted Shull TOTAL770 8/20/2011
Master 70-74Jeff Guller SQUAT325 12/8/2012
Master 70-74Don Wilkins BENCH295 12/9/2017
Master 70-74Jeff Guller DEADLIFT320 12/8/2012
Master 70-74Jeff Guller TOTAL815 12/8/2012
Master 75-79 Juan Collazo SQUAT350 10/6/2012
Master 75-79Juan Collazo BENCH250 10/6/2012
Master 75-79Georgy Lazaridi DEADLIFT419 9/26/2011
Master 75-79Juan Collazo TOTAL1000 10/6/2012
Master 80-84Juan CollazoSQUAT3009/16/2017
Master 80-84Juan CollazoBENCH2209/16/2017
Master 80-84Juan CollazoDEADLIFT3609/16/2017
Master 80-84Juan CollazoTOTAL8809/16/2017