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OpenJosh Marosi SQUAT 590 1/9/2016
OpenTimothy Romm BENCH 347.5 6/17/2017
OpenDavid Andino-Salgado DEADLIFT 550 3/4/2017
OpenJosh Marosi TOTAL 1470 1/9/2016
Junior Griffin Walizer SQUAT520 12/9/2017
Junior Sergiy Dvigulin BENCH340 10/22/2009
Junior Edward Mussi, Jr. DEADLIFT550 9/16/2017
Junior Griffin Walizer TOTAL1350 12/9/2017
Up to 13Luca RaccioSQUAT29010/21/2017
Up to 13Luca RaccioBENCH17010/21/2017
Up to 13Luca RaccioDEADLIFT35010/21/2017
Up to 13Luca RaccioTOTAL81010/21/2017
Teen 14-15 Jordan Barlaan SQUAT310 1/31/2015
Teen 14-15 Thomas Dalrymple BENCH260 9/29/2012
Teen 14-15 Jordan Barlaan DEADLIFT420 1/31/2015
Teen 14-15Jordan Barlaan TOTAL925 1/31/2015
Teen 16-17Buster McCall SQUAT465 2/6/2016
Teen 16-17Jarlyn Lantigua BENCH275 11/15/2014
Teen 16-17Buster McCall DEADLIFT510 2/6/2016
Teen 16-17Buster McCall TOTAL1230 2/6/2016
Teen 18-19Thomas Kane SQUAT410 10/3/2015
Teen 18-19Alexandr Krinitsyn BENCH286.7 9/30/2011
Teen 18-19Nicholas Metaxas DEADLIFT520 10/4/2014
Teen 18-19Nicholas Metaxas TOTAL1195 10/4/2014
SubmasterDarrell Collins SQUAT385.8 7/18/2015
SubmasterDmitriy Shalonov BENCH292.1 2/10/2011
SubmasterDarrell Collins DEADLIFT485 7/18/2015
SubmasterDarrell Collins TOTAL1135.47/18/2015
Master 40-44Yury Kiselev SQUAT187.4 9/26/2011
Master 40-44Kevin Garcia BENCH355 10/4/2014
Master 40-44Yury Kiselev DEADLIFT275.6 9/26/2011
Master 40-44Yury Kiselev TOTAL606.4 9/26/2011
Master 45-49David Wilson, Jr. SQUAT380 7/16/2005
Master 45-49David Wilson, Jr. BENCH305 7/16/2005
Master 45-49David Wilson, Jr. DEADLIFT480 7/16/2005
Master 45-49David Wilson, Jr. TOTAL1165 7/16/2005
Master 50-54David Wilson, Jr. SQUAT365 10/19/2008
Master 50-54David Wilson, Jr. BENCH310 10/19/2008
Master 50-54David Wilson, Jr. DEADLIFT490 10/19/2008
Master 50-54David Wilson, Jr. TOTAL1165 10/19/2008
Master 55-59Sergey Alampiev SQUAT330.8 5/29/2012
Master 55-59Sergey Alampiev BENCH220.5 5/29/2012
Master 55-59Sergey Alampiev DEADLIFT441 5/29/2012
Master 55-59Sergey Alampiev TOTAL992.3 5/29/2012
Master 60-64SQUAT
Master 60-64Kimber Smith BENCH202.5 11/18/2017
Master 60-64DEADLIFT
Master 60-64TOTAL
Master 65-69James Burge SQUAT360 3/1/2014
Master 65-69James Burge BENCH250 3/1/2014
Master 65-69James Burge DEADLIFT450 6/22/2013
Master 65-69James Burge TOTAL1060 3/1/2014
Master 70-74Italo Bonacci SQUAT290 11/15/2014
Master 70-74Yury Lebedev BENCH187.4 9/28/2011
Master 70-74Italo Bonacci DEADLIFT350 11/16/2013
Master 70-74Italo Bonacci TOTAL785 11/16/2013