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OpenGary ZeollaSQUAT 325 3/4/2017
OpenKaplan Skhalyakho BENCH 204 5/29/2012
OpenGary ZeollaDEADLIFT 390 3/4/2017
OpenGary ZeollaTOTAL 890 3/4/2017
Junior SQUAT
Junior Kaplan Skhalyakho BENCH204 5/29/2012
Junior TOTAL
Up to 13 yearsCameron FisherSQUAT1553/4/2017
Up to 13 yearsCameron FisherBENCH1003/4/2017
Up to 13 yearsTyler RichDEADLIFT2753/18/2017
Up to 13 yearsCameron FisherTOTAL4953/4/2017
Teen 14-15 Jake Schellenschlager SQUAT220 6/22/2013
Teen 14-15 Jake Schellenschlager BENCH190 6/22/2013
Teen 14-15 Jake Schellenschlager DEADLIFT267.5 6/22/2013
Teen 14-15Jake Schellenschlager TOTAL677.5 6/22/2013
Teen 16-17Nico Toliano SQUAT185 3/23/2013
Teen 16-17Aleksander Falin BENCH148.8 2/10/2011
Teen 16-17Nico Toliano DEADLIFT300 3/23/2013
Teen 16-17Nico Toliano TOTAL605 3/23/2013
Teen 18-19Denis Matveev SQUAT259.1 9/26/2011
Teen 18-19Oleg Gorbunov BENCH220 7/5/2009
Teen 18-19Denis Matveev DEADLIFT297.7 9/26/2011
Teen 18-19Denis Matveev TOTAL716.6 9/26/2011
Master 50-54Gary Zeolla SQUAT315 3/5/2016
Master 50-54Gary Zeolla BENCH175 3/5/2016
Master 50-54Gary Zeolla DEADLIFT380 3/5/2016
Master 50-54Gary Zeolla TOTAL870 3/5/2016
Master 55-59Gary ZeollaSQUAT3253/4/2017
Master 55-59Gary ZeollaBENCH1753/4/2017
Master 55-59Gary ZeollaDEADLIFT3903/4/2017
Master 55-59Gary ZeollaTOTAL8903/4/2017