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148lb. Timothy Kingure SQUAT445 2/19/2011
148lb. Denys Avramenko BENCH259 7/2/2010
148lb. Timothy Kingure DEADLIFT 425 2/19/2011
148lb. Timothy Kingure TOTAL1110 2/19/2011
165lb. William Powell SQUAT430 6/25/1999
165lb. Joe Mazza BENCH480 11/15/2002
165lb. William Powell DEADLIFT 475 6/25/1999
165lb. William Powell TOTAL1180 6/25/1999
181lb. Tim Sansbury SQUAT655 1/19/2008
181lb. Mike Bingham BENCH450 6/28/2008
181lb. Leroy Marrow DEADLIFT 620 11/18/1995
181lb. Leroy Marrow TOTAL1635 11/18/1995
198lb. James Shaughnessy SQUAT725 11/17/2007
198lb. Frank Costanzo BENCH490 5/17/2009
198lb. Joseph Alessandro DEADLIFT 595 11/17/2007
198lb. James Shaughnessy TOTAL1730 11/17/2007
220lb. A.J. Henderson SQUAT750 11/20/1999
220lb. Rick Hess BENCH555 1/8/2005
220lb. Matt Foubert DEADLIFT 650 8/19/2010
220lb. James Shaughnessy TOTAL1830 9/13/2008
242lb. Mark Dimiduk SQUAT840 6/28/1998
242lb. Robert Powers BENCH630 6/24/2012
242lb. Mark Dimiduk DEADLIFT 680 11/23/1997
242lb. Mark Dimiduk TOTAL1945 11/23/1997
275lb. Ted Forbes SQUAT900 11/18/2007
275lb. Mike Barravecchio BENCH625 11/19/2000
275lb. Mark Dimiduk DEADLIFT705 11/21/1999
275lb. Ted Forbes TOTAL2110 11/18/2007
308lb. Ted Forbes SQUAT830 6/26/1999
308lb. William Barotti BENCH915 3/5/2017
308lb. Mark Manno DEADLIFT750 11/1/1998
308lb. William Barotti TOTAL2300 3/19/2016
SHW Richard Griffin SQUAT683.4 11/12/2005
SHW Jared Menne BENCH800 12/8/2007
SHW Terry Tsouroutis DEADLIFT600 11/1/1998
SHW Terry Tsouroutis TOTAL1735 11/1/1998