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OpenVlad Alhazov SQUAT 1250 1/20/2008
OpenPaul "Tiny" Meeker BENCH 915 11/20/2016
OpenVlad Alhazov DEADLIFT 925 1/20/2008
OpenDonnie Thompson TOTAL 2905 11/23/2008
JuniorJoseph SteinSQUAT105011/19/2017
JuniorTim Harold, Jr.BENCH71511/19/2017
JuniorTim Harold, Jr.DEADLIFT81011/19/2017
JuniorTim Harold, Jr.TOTAL245511/19/2017
SubmasterMike Miller SQUAT1100 9/11/2004
SubmasterGene Rychlak, Jr. BENCH965 7/11/2004
SubmasterTom Skiver DEADLIFT 800 11/16/2003
SubmasterMike Miller TOTAL2405 11/16/2003
Master 40-44Donnie Thompson SQUAT1150 11/12/2006
Master 40-44Donnie Thompson BENCH830 11/18/2007
Master 40-44Donnie Thompson DEADLIFT 805 11/18/2007
Master 40-44Donnie Thompson TOTAL2775 11/18/2007
Master 45-49Richard Safreed, Jr. SQUAT860 7/17/2005
Master 45-49Paul "Tiny" Meeker BENCH915 11/20/2016
Master 45-49Paul Ratsch DEADLIFT 622.8 11/12/2005
Master 45-49Paul Ratsch TOTAL2017.1 11/12/2005
Master 50-54Igor Nastynov SQUAT882 5/29/2012
Master 50-54Frank Farina BENCH440 1/25/2009
Master 50-54Igor Nastynov DEADLIFT 639.5 5/29/2012
Master 50-54Igor Nastynov TOTAL1940.4 5/29/2012
Master 55-59Lester Jordan SQUAT575 4/17/2011
Master 55-59Frank Farina BENCH510 11/22/2009
Master 55-59Lester Jordan DEADLIFT 440 6/26/2011
Master 55-59Lester Jordan TOTAL1300 4/17/2011
Master 60-64Les Jordan SQUAT555 6/24/2012
Master 60-64Bill Lobins BENCH605 9/11/2010
Master 60-64Les Jordan DEADLIFT 385 6/24/2012
Master 60-64Les Jordan TOTAL1265 6/24/2012
Master 65-69Les JordanSQUAT44511/20/2016
Master 65-69Les JordanBENCH21511/20/2016
Master 65-69Les JordanDEADLIFT37011/20/2016
Master 65-69Les JordanTOTAL103011/20/2016