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165Doug SchaderSQUAT32011/18/2017
165Doug SchaderBENCH1906/17/2017
165Doug SchaderDEADLIFT30511/18/2017
165Doug SchaderTOTAL81511/18/2017
181Jeremy Woods SQUAT 550 10/8/2011
181Jeremy Woods BENCH 465 10/8/2011
181Jeremy Woods DEADLIFT 455 10/8/2011
181Jeremy Woods TOTAL 1470 10/8/2011
198Justin Vanscoy BENCH315 7/9/2011
220A.J. Henderson SQUAT750 11/20/1999
220Rick Hess BENCH555 1/8/2005
220Tom Flynn DEADLIFT620 11/22/96
220James Shaughnessy TOTAL1830 9/13/2008
242Bret Miller SQUAT765 7/9/2011
242Bret Miller BENCH480 7/9/2011
242Bret Miller DEADLIFT640 7/9/2011
242Bret Miller TOTAL1885 7/9/2011
275Jeff Brown SQUAT635 7/9/2011
275Jay Simmons BENCH501.5 6/25/2016
275Jeff Brown DEADLIFT550 7/9/2011
275Jeff Brown TOTAL1660 7/9/2011
308William LeeBENCH562.16/25/2016
308William LeeDEADLIFT551.16/25/2016