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EqProOpen132Heidi HowarSQUAT50510/24/2015
EqProOpen132Heidi HowarBENCH29010/24/2015
EqProOpen 132Heidi HowarDEADLiFT48510/24/2015
EqProOpen132Heidi HowarTOTAL128010/24/2015
EqProSubmaster 148 Amy Galassi SQUAT 205 7/9/2006
EqProSubmaster 148 Amy Galassi BENCH 1407/9/2006
EqProSubmaster 148 Amy Galassi DEADLIFT 3007/9/2006
EqProSubmaster 148 Amy Galassi TOTAL 6457/9/2006
EqProOpen 181 Katy Brent SQUAT57510/24/2015
EqProOpen 181 Mellisa Henry BENCH3657/9/2006
EqProOpen 181 Katy Brent DEADLIFT47510/24/2015
EqProOpen 181 Katy Brent TOTAL136510/24/2015
EqProOpen 198 Leighan Jaskiewicz SQUAT4657/9/2006
EqProOpen 198 Leighan Jaskiewicz BENCH3357/9/2006
EqProOpen 198 Leighan Jaskiewicz DEADLIFT5057/9/2006
EqProOpen 198 Leighan Jaskiewicz TOTAL13057/9/2006
EqProMaster 45-49198Leslie BunchSQUAT50510/24/2015
EqProMaster 45-49198Leslie BunchBENCH24510/24/2015
EqProMaster 45-49198Leslie BunchDEADLIFT46010/24/2015
EqProMaster 45-49198Leslie BunchTOTAL121010/24/2015