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RawProOpen 123 Jennifer Millican SQUAT 300 5/18/2013
RawProOpen 123 Jennifer Millican BENCH 1705/18/2013
RawProOpen 123 Jennifer Millican DEADLIFT 2755/18/2013
RawProOpen 123 Jennifer Millican TOTAL 7455/18/2013
RawProOpen 132 Emily Drew Mash SQUAT2605/18/2013
RawProOpen 132 Emily Drew Mash BENCH1555/18/2013
RawProOpen 132 Emily Drew Mash DEADLIFT3205/18/2013
RawProOpen 132 Emily Drew Mash TOTAL7355/18/2013
RawProJunior 148 Emily Pritchett SQUAT27512/8/2012
RawProJunior 148 Emily Pritchett BENCH15512/8/2012
RawProJunior 148 Emily Pritchett DEADLIFT34012/8/2012
RawProJunior 148 Emily Pritchett TOTAL770 12/8/2012