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EqAmJunior 181Isaac Winkler SQUAT 57512/8/2012
EqAmJunior 181Isaac Winkler BENCH 38012/8/2012
EqAmJunior 181Isaac Winkler DEADLIFT 48512/8/2012
EqAmJunior 181Isaac Winkler TOTAL 144012/8/2012
EqAmOpen198Derrick Dewalt SQUAT56012/8/2012
EqAmOpen198Derrick Dewalt BENCH40512/8/2012
EqAmOpen198Derrick Dewalt DEADLIFT50012/8/2012
EqAmOpen198Derrick Dewalt TOTAL146512/8/2012
EqAmOpen220Ben Hooker BENCH5005/18/2013
EqAmOpen220Ben Hooker DEADLIFT5255/18/2013
EqAmOpen220Ben Hooker TOTAL10255/18/2013
EqAmSubmaster 220Duane Carpenter SQUAT500 12/8/2012
EqAmSubmaster 220Duane Carpenter BENCH40512/8/2012
EqAmSubmaster 220Duane Carpenter DEADLIFT56512/8/2012
EqAmSubmaster 220Duane Carpenter TOTAL147012/8/2012
EqAmMasters 55-59 220Bob Langenfled SQUAT36012/8/2012
EqAmMasters 55-59 220Bob Langenfled BENCH24512/8/2012
EqAmMasters 55-59 220Bob Langenfled DEADLIFT34012/8/2012
EqAmMasters 55-59 220Bob Langenfled TOTAL94512/8/2012
EqAmMasters 55-59 242SQUAT
EqAmMasters 55-59 242Kurt Hall BENCH45012/8/2012
EqAmMasters 55-59 242DEADLIFT
EqAmMasters 55-59 242TOTAL
EqAmOpen 275 Dakota Cagle SQUAT850 5/18/2013
EqAmOpen 275 Dakota Cagle BENCH525 5/18/2013
EqAmOpen 275 Dakota Cagle DEADLIFT635 5/18/2013
EqAmOpen 275 Dakota Cagle TOTAL2010 5/18/2013